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  1. I vaguely remember it being from an album cover, but I still give it a 9/10. You don't have to create an image for you to do something great to it. :wink:
  2. Nice example pic, Ash. I <3 Smallville, its the only show I hold above Heroes.
  3. 10/10, you've taken the user bars and made them super awesome
  4. Agreed, and btw this plugin is fantastic, thanks a lot
  5. 10/10, Sozo. Very interesting. and everyone should know by now that you like Calvin and Hobbes, so here is a little something I found that I thought you might like http://www.marcellosendos.ch/comics/ch/index.html
  6. Im not quite sure what you mean either, but maybe you should try a gradient with primary color black, and secondary color transparent. Hope that helps.
  7. 10/10, I like the new pic of myrddin and the new wooden texture, great job mate
  8. True, I was born in California, but currently live east coast TPBM thinks that corn chips are no place for a mighty warrior. OMG! I think I could probably recite all of the TGS episodes from memory!
  9. http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=6266 The same question was asked not too long ago, this should help.
  10. True, though I do tend to mix up the names and functions of all those brain measuring devices from time to time. TPBM loves egg salad sandwiches (at least I do)
  11. Great stuff, T_Lh. 10/10 Is your sig/av combo based off of anything in particular?
  12. Wubi is not just for trying ubuntu out, thats just the route I went and then decided to do a full install. Wubi is just an easier way for a person to install the distro. I know there was a port for PdN on linux, but I believe it was an older version. PdN is the only reason I haven't made the switch completely to ubuntu.
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