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  1. I vaguely remember it being from an album cover, but I still give it a 9/10. You don't have to create an image for you to do something great to it. :wink:
  2. Nice example pic, Ash. I <3 Smallville, its the only show I hold above Heroes.
  3. 10/10, you've taken the user bars and made them super awesome
  4. Agreed, and btw this plugin is fantastic, thanks a lot
  5. 10/10, Sozo. Very interesting. and everyone should know by now that you like Calvin and Hobbes, so here is a little something I found that I thought you might like http://www.marcellosendos.ch/comics/ch/index.html
  6. Im not quite sure what you mean either, but maybe you should try a gradient with primary color black, and secondary color transparent. Hope that helps.
  7. 10/10, I like the new pic of myrddin and the new wooden texture, great job mate
  8. True, I was born in California, but currently live east coast TPBM thinks that corn chips are no place for a mighty warrior. OMG! I think I could probably recite all of the TGS episodes from memory!
  9. http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=6266 The same question was asked not too long ago, this should help.
  10. True, though I do tend to mix up the names and functions of all those brain measuring devices from time to time. TPBM loves egg salad sandwiches (at least I do)
  11. Great stuff, T_Lh. 10/10 Is your sig/av combo based off of anything in particular?
  12. Wubi is not just for trying ubuntu out, thats just the route I went and then decided to do a full install. Wubi is just an easier way for a person to install the distro. I know there was a port for PdN on linux, but I believe it was an older version. PdN is the only reason I haven't made the switch completely to ubuntu.
  13. You don't have to switch it. Try Wubi out for a test run. It doesn't require you to partition your hard drive as it installs through windows. When you start your machine, it will ask you which OS you would like to boot. Then if you don't like it, you can uninstall it. P.S. For those linux users out there, if you love eye candy, install beryl! 8)
  14. 8/10, we used to call those Ono (Hawaiian for delicious) when I lived in Hawaii
  15. wouldn't that create some kind of weird alternate universe? :shock:
  16. It definitely would have helped me when I made my avatar, and I can see other uses for it as well.
  17. Thats funny, as soon as I saw this thread I thought, "I could've sworn T_Lh already made a pic like that."
  18. I think you need to move it down 2 more lines
  19. wubi is great, I used it for a while to test-run ubuntu, worked like a charm
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