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  1. Maybe you forgot to adjust the tolerance.
  2. The Seven Intelligence Areas Linguistic: 9 Logical-Mathematical: 10 Spatial: 7 Bodily-Kinesthetic: 2 Musical: 8 Interpersonal: 3 Intrapersonal: 7 A Short Definition of your Highest Score Logical-Mathematical - the ability to use numbers to compute and describe, to use mathematical concepts to make conjectures, to apply mathematics in personal daily life, to apply mathematics to data and construct arguments, to be sensitive to the patterns, symmetry, logic, and aesthetics of mathematics, and to solve problems in design and modeling. Possible vocations that use the logical-mathematics intelligence include accountant, bookkeeper, statistician, tradesperson, homemaker, computer programmer, scientist, composer, engineer, inventor, or designer.
  3. And I am nobody. So, therefore I am perfect. No, not really.
  4. Ah, but X out of X=1 100%=1 X/0=infinity That sorta thing. I'll make a new sig today.
  5. Yeah, I started off in C++ but I eventually started to switch over to Java. It is easier for me to create images, shapes, and GUI.
  6. Yeah... The name, it looks like "Hotflicktofu" and I think someone should change it to that
  7. I don't have startup problems, I have shutdown problems. It takes 3 times longer to shut down than to start up and then there's the auto-installing updates...
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