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  1. Hmm... all of those textures are really good, but I'm not sure if they fit together perfectly. Nonetheless it's still amazing, more than I could do! 8.5/10
  2. The green flashing text can be a little annoying. The black text on the right is a little hard to read but not too bad. The background and the render, however, fit together very nicely. 6.7/10. New sig. Very simple. I <3 simple.
  3. Hey guys. I doubt any of you remember me from long ago. I've been browsing these forums ever since I faded out those years ago. I've found many helpful tutorials and plugins, but I've decided I might as well make some posts and share a little bit of my work. (Not that it's any good. ) So, hello again. It's good to make a post again. EDIT: Avatar and sig updated.
  4. 7/10 Nice and simple. Simple is good! However, the icons are a little too big for my taste.
  5. 8.5/10 I think it could be a little more crisp, but I love the idea.
  6. 10/10 I REALLY like that sig. I'm not sure why, but the whole format with the diagonal changing the color of the text is really cool to me. I think it's just flat out good, I can't see anything wrong with it!
  7. usedHONDA, 7/10 I like the theme, and the colors, however, I think the wallpaper is a little too much. If the abstractness was a little less, I think it would be better. New desktop:
  8. 8.5/10 pretty good, but maybe it could have a little more definition to it. Maybe a border would help
  9. 9/10, I love the way the light is coming from behind, but I think the pink text is getting to my head a bit. Maybe if was a tad more subtle.. I dunno. New sig.
  10. I really like your wallpapers! You've got some great skill!
  11. ... you know this is post 798 and you are waiting for post 799.
  12. 8/10 I like the abstract style you used. However, maybe the head doesn't match or fit it as well as it could.. hmm..
  13. 6.5/10 I don't think the text goes in as well as it could, a little too simple
  14. Umm.. I don't see an image, it just says image. I'll rate it 9/10 on the words though, I do want to save XP. maybe I'll sign the petition. EDIT: I see the image now, 8/10. I like the vista look.
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