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  1. I sent Javert a bunch of annoying PMs! Anybody got any greaaaaaaaaaaaaat stock options?
  2. Thawps the forum server with a toaster with a soggy waffle inside destroying all users! Bwahahhahahhahhahahahhaha!
  3. Thawps david.atwell with a flaming, holy, enchanted great sword.
  4. Damn you and your blasted logic! Yeah Bossk, I'll accept your appology, but I'd still like to (politely) thwap you on the head for having an easy to guess password. You can thwap me on the head with any weapon besides and sword or a chainsaw.
  5. Yeah, it is annoying when people figure out your password. On one forum, somebody deleted 1,500 of my posts and then posted porn from my account. Thank you people for the warm welcome back!
  6. I'm happy that the person who guessed my password and was posting mean and stupid things is gone! There's more information in the thread titled sorry!
  7. Yesterday and teh day before yesterday, a person guessed my password that started posting stupid and mean things from my account. He also stole your avatar and used it, but I changed it to soemthing else.
  8. I did my passwords based on what I was interested in. He knew I was interested in Kaiju, so he typed in Kaiju names ect. until he got it right.
  9. I'm so sorry that I was acting extreamly stupid and troll like for the past few days. One of my friends guessed my password and got it right and he started acting like a jerk. I just changed my password so that he'll never come back. Sorry, Yata for him using your avatar and sorry topHATslash, david.atwell, Javert, Sabrown100 and many other users for him acting like an idiot. Luckily, that troll who was pretending to be stupid will never come back.
  10. please don't be a hater, javert. Please don't insult me.
  11. What the...? Of course it doesn't! You actually expected it to? It broke when i shoved it in the xbox!
  12. I don't know. why isn't sabrown100's and topHATslash's poosts appearing.
  13. i just added TopHATslash and sabrown100 as foes. I cann't see their posts. pachuco, i rate your avatar as 7/10. cool.
  14. it is my own work i modifed yata's avatr, not stole it. 5/6. cool.
  15. I'm made that mario party 5 doesn't work with my exbox360! :evil: :x :?
  16. Hey dude u rate people's avaters in here. don't be a hater. Anyways, urs is 9/10.
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