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  1. Hmm... all of those textures are really good, but I'm not sure if they fit together perfectly. Nonetheless it's still amazing, more than I could do! 8.5/10
  2. The green flashing text can be a little annoying. The black text on the right is a little hard to read but not too bad. The background and the render, however, fit together very nicely. 6.7/10. New sig. Very simple. I <3 simple.
  3. Awesome! I had always wondered how this was done. I'm going to go try it right now. I'll post my results when I'm done. (Although nobody has posted here for quite some time...) EDIT: Here's one I made. I tweaked the color a ton and did some color matching with other photos to get it to look surreal. I kinda like it, however it's over exposed. Maybe I'll do better on my next one
  4. Hey guys. I doubt any of you remember me from long ago. I've been browsing these forums ever since I faded out those years ago. I've found many helpful tutorials and plugins, but I've decided I might as well make some posts and share a little bit of my work. (Not that it's any good. ) So, hello again. It's good to make a post again. EDIT: Avatar and sig updated.
  5. 7/10 Nice and simple. Simple is good! However, the icons are a little too big for my taste.
  6. 8.5/10 I think it could be a little more crisp, but I love the idea.
  7. 10/10 I REALLY like that sig. I'm not sure why, but the whole format with the diagonal changing the color of the text is really cool to me. I think it's just flat out good, I can't see anything wrong with it!
  8. usedHONDA, 7/10 I like the theme, and the colors, however, I think the wallpaper is a little too much. If the abstractness was a little less, I think it would be better. New desktop:
  9. 8.5/10 pretty good, but maybe it could have a little more definition to it. Maybe a border would help
  10. 9/10, I love the way the light is coming from behind, but I think the pink text is getting to my head a bit. Maybe if was a tad more subtle.. I dunno. New sig.
  11. I really like your wallpapers! You've got some great skill!
  12. I play the Drums- best instrument around!
  13. Custom Build, if not which company? Compaq Laptop or Desktop: Laptop OS: Windows Vista Home Premium Processor: AMD Althon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor TK-55 Motherboard: Not sure... Video/Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce Go 6100 How much HD space? 110 gigs How much RAM? 1gig (upgrading soon)
  14. ... you know this is post 798 and you are waiting for post 799.
  15. School: Navy Blue or White Button up Collared polo Tan Pants White Shoes ALWAYS, or else I get in trouble. Summer: Any T-Shirt Tan Pants unless I wear like my 1 pair of jeans. White shoes. Black Jacket Short Brown hair.. Yep, pretty boring.
  16. I always have all four mini windows open, I use all of them constantly. I only resize the history if necessary. They move all around the screen when I'm working pictures.
  17. 8/10 I like the abstract style you used. However, maybe the head doesn't match or fit it as well as it could.. hmm..
  18. 6.5/10 I don't think the text goes in as well as it could, a little too simple
  19. Umm.. I don't see an image, it just says image. I'll rate it 9/10 on the words though, I do want to save XP. maybe I'll sign the petition. EDIT: I see the image now, 8/10. I like the vista look.
  20. Hmm.. I can't really rate something that doesn't have an avatar. So I'll rate the person above Nab. 8/10, I like the sword, although i agree with nab, the fractal could end sooner. (Mine is new, along with sig)
  21. I leave my personal laptop on 24/7 but in standby overnight. We have three computers downstairs that are on 24/7, no standby. I think they auto sleep after a couple hours, but wake up in seconds like a screensaver. My dad says it takes about as much energy as a lightbulb to keep computers on all night, and he doesn't want to waste time in the morning turning it on. (They are work/home computers). All of our computers are only shutdown, or more, restarted when there are critical updates. Tasks they do overnight? Nothing really.
  22. @Dalton, I don't think I could take that many icons on my dock I like the background! Here's my latest. It's 1280 x 800. AAnnd I didn't make the background image, I found it and thought it matched. Any good?
  23. Mostly Muse... Right now Stockholm Syndrome Next probably Time is Running out All by Muse.
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