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Image Umbrella: Realistic Images


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*sigh* jpope... :(

v An excellent open–source strategy game—highly recommended.


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Hmm I guess this is a little bit realistic:


Yes I hate my mountains and the grass in this image...but look at that fancy sky!!

Well, on the contrary I like the mountains the trees and grass while I think the asphalt of your road does not look too realistic

@ Tourist: Nice second brush! That is going to become a specialization!

@JanettSue: I am looking forward to see your gallery soon!

@Expiration: Nice ice cube (I am gonna watch its evolution on your gallery later)

@jedi12 I like the grass and the ball

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@Max power that road one is real good. nothing wrong with those mountains. maybe add a bit of snow up top . the sky is real nice I know how difficult it is to get realistic looking clouds, those you have a very good. road a bit rough, and have you worked with shadows yet? that will give depth to the trees. overall a great picture loads of potential.

@jedi 12 great picture. sun needs a bit of work maybe a bit more fade out towards the outer edge. grass is good, but think the guy that owns this lawn needs to buy a lawn mower.

@jannetsue where is the world is your gallery gal? I've been checking everyday for your work. share share share!!!! I just love all your pictures from the past and I'm so looking forward to seeing what you've been working on lately.

@tourist you are really going to town on those brushes. I actually like this one more.

@prettydarnneat. Wow! nice one. maybe a bit of radial blur to smooth out the edges of that chrome ball and some sort of stand or something to explain why its sitting up there in the air. Those reflections you have are really good, reminds me of Ash's tray with the balls.

Oh I hope I haven't missed anyone. everything in this gallery is looking so good.

here's my little offering, I did a hit and miss picture awhile back about pouring water and couldn't reproduce but I think I finally managed to replicate again on a smaller scale.

th_waterfall.png larger one is in my gallery. page 3


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Oma's water work (above) inspired me to try my hand at some water.

Took about an hour, I think. Just experimented with different effects and blending modes.

I bring you: Flow - an expiredConcept:


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Call me expired. Please.


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I am stucked with this witch, I like this image but I do not know which blending mode choose what to add what to cut, etc., please any ideas?

@Expiration that looks like a good ads leaflet (mineral water, hydrating cream?) you got a career ahead!

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hmm I think you should put this to "abstract images"

looks nice :)

Thanks I think I still do not get the difference between realistic and abstracts, thought realistic images should have (even a small) resemblance with reality while abstracts section should contain all sort of other stuff :?

I guess this should go into the "fantasy" section so the question is "fantasy" belong to realistic images or to abstract images?

Sorry for the logorrheic attack :D

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actually the name of the abstract is misleading. My thoughts of abstract art is really refelected here in this link http://painting.about.com/od/abstractar ... ct_art.htm .

this is the paragraph from above link that most explains how I define abstract

Also generally classified with abstract art are figurative abstractions and paintings which represent things that aren't visual, such an emotion, sound, or spiritual experience. Figurative abstractions are abstractions or simplifications of reality, where detail is eliminated from recognisable objects leaving only the essence or some degree of recognisable form.

For me its generally an emotion expressed as a solid thing. IE: my picture light having a voice. we all know light doesn't speak so what conveys that in a picture. light is bright so yellow, has a voice so the red for the tongue, I'm thinking it should be a sharp sound and hard so the little solid boxes, it would need a mouth so round edges.

just some of my thoughts as I'm thinking I do the most abstract art among us all.

if we go by the detail eliminated from recognizable objects only leaving the essence line then topzia is in correct area, as this definitely is recognizable as a fantasy cave? remember 9/10Ths of making an art piece abstract is the NAME. perhaps we should have a fantasy area as well? I'll leave that to you all to decide and bring to the mods.

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Yep, As Oma pointed out much better than my confused explanation overthere abstract images to me belong to those kind of images that have not immediate recognizable features with reality, whilst a realistic (even if apparently paradoxical in terms as the lionhearted clearly pointed out) section could contain also images of fantasy that do not clearly belong to real world but have recognizable features (the witch is a human figure, the cave etc, and no... I am not that witch :D )

Sigh! All I wanted was a bit of feedback on my image... but it is ok we had a nice conversation :D

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That is neat topezia, I had to look twice to really see what was going on.

Oma I am going to check ot your link about abstract art. I too am not always sure were something goes.


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oh noes Expiration has gone hyper on coffee :P

The only problem I think would be the saucer and its shadow. It kinda makes it more like a weird pedestal.

Other than that, great coffee work! (Even though I've never had coffee and never will) :D

What?! Never had coffee? And never will? :shock: :shock:

You are missing out on a lot my friend ... :|

And I see what you mean by the shadow, I probably should have blurred it more.

Thanks. :mrgreen:

Call me expired. Please.


Don't go counting your chickens before the pack of rabid ravaging foxes attacks. -Sozo
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