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well most paper doesn't have black edges for one. if you want an edge I'd suggest just a slightly darker shade of the paper, and also to bring the texture all the way out on each cardstock to the edge.

I'm going to play with this one. like the concept. back to you possibly tomorrow. (that's if I come up with anything :wink: )

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Are those supposed to be trees?

if they are, i think the leaves are wonderful

But i wouldnt say the same for the trunks.

Maybe a little wood texture on them?

Also, roots dun look like what they look in your picture. lol.



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Thanks for the fast reply.

Yes, they are trees. :oops: :lol:

The leaves are: Noise > Curves+ (turn it green) > Ellipse Select > New Layer > Anti Alias.

The trunks, I know, have problems. I was going to use TreeGen, the plugin (by MadJik), but I decided it was a waste of my time, because I couldn't figure out how to make it look like a tree. So I just ended up using the line tool, and the trunks ended up looking like bloody potato. But I was going for the simplistic look, and they fit that very well. I might work some wood or bark texture into it also, I hadn't thought of that.

Sorry if that was kind of disconnected and hard to read, I'm still mostly asleep. :roll:

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@LFC4EVER, very nice grass and axe (I would prefer to see it without the falling effect, though)

@pipp92 that's the axes moment I guess :D : nice!

@livewrong811: the idea is cool and funny,if you don't feel like playing with the settings of tree generator you might want to try this tutorial from Ash to render trees: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=6005

@Ice Fusion: Now I understand the reason of your username (crazy for ice :wink: ) nice, you might also want to try this other tutorial from cjm for making icicles: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=4113

Hope it helps, good work everybody!

Ciao ciao

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That's nice work! I like the desktop a lot, my only recommendation is that you could use the feather tool to make the pencil less jaggy on the edges. And the second one is great, too. I think that you could add more of a separation between the sky and the water, and maybe blur the clouds in the background more, so they aren't so obvious. But, other than those few things, good job! :)

Edit: After looking more closely at the second one, I think that you could also make the clouds in the sky darker, so as to add more contrast between them, the moon, and the water.

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Excellent work! I think that you could make the lines for the sides less obvious, and maybe make them thicker with a blur so they look like edges. You could also make the green things less shiny, and darker.

That is a good suggestion. It would look more realistic like that. Also I need to work on the eraser some. I made a cursor out of the pencil that turned out OK.

Make a Paint Brush paintbrush.gif Make a Cue Stick poolstick.gif Make a Rope rope.gif

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