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  1. Wallpaper [1600x1200]: Essential Stock:
  2. Wallpaper [1600x1200]: Essential Stock:
  3. Wallpaper [1600x1200]: Essential Stock:
  4. Wallpaper [1600x1200]: Essential Stock:
  5. Spell your name: jedi12 Spell your name backwards: 21idej Spell it with your elbow: jerdfi12 Spell it with your eyes shut: jedi12 Spell it with your forehead: jedi1q2 (lol I'm good ) Spell it with your nose: njheedi... (I opened a new web page ) Spell it with your ear: nbc n y j6ds2e Spell it with your lips: jkcddmq (again opened a new page) This is fun!
  6. It's all black, it's aliased on most of the places and you used the render to make the background; are you sure it's yours? Anyway I like your current sig better. Rate this please:
  7. I'll rate KING's signature then: 8.5 because I like blue and you've put it together well. Rate this one:
  8. You really have an interesting gallery. I love the machete and the bursting soap bubble is very special. Keep up the good work!
  9. Cool! The yoda sig is just awesome. Put your name on it... I might want to steal it. just kidding!
  10. Heh.. what a cute little fellow. Nice work!
  11. Thanks everybody! @Lancadore: There's no need for a tutorial. I just used the toolbox and the Diagonal Lines plugin. Use the Line / Curve tool with the Brush width set at 30-60 for the X. [Added] 2 New realistic images: Tell me what you think
  12. the ceiling cat met Charlie again. So they...
  13. Thank you welshblue! I really apreciate it! [Added] New wallpaper: Version1: Version2: They are both 1600X1200
  14. Wow this is definetly one of my favorites! It has lots of flowers, two chimneys and nice colors! What more do you want? Good job!
  15. Welcome to the forums! You have some awesome sigs here! I really like the one with the gun 'cos it's animated and it's blue
  16. Yeah that's cool, but the background needs a little more work! Anyway I like the colours... KIU bro'
  17. I like both your current wallpaper and the one with Oscar "Huge Lips" You really have a cool style so keep it up!
  18. Hey welshblue thanks for the tips! Maybe I'll try tomorrow... anyway nice hammer, it's very detailed. btw what does OTT mean? :oops:
  19. I agree with helen. You put a lot of details into this one. And that rough wood texture looks very realistic! *we want a tutorial*
  20. Once again thank you for your nice comments! [Added] New Abstract image:
  21. Wow those shakers are pretty cool. They almost look like mine Keep it up!
  22. Hey Thank you! I saw some cool wallpapers (example) on deviantart and I tought of making one. I just used a c4d ( and some brushes and voila.
  23. Thanks Gamer! I got bored and I made this: