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  1. Wallpaper [1600x1200]: Essential Stock:
  2. Wallpaper [1600x1200]: Essential Stock:
  3. Wallpaper [1600x1200]: Essential Stock:
  4. Wallpaper [1600x1200]: Essential Stock:
  5. Spell your name: jedi12 Spell your name backwards: 21idej Spell it with your elbow: jerdfi12 Spell it with your eyes shut: jedi12 Spell it with your forehead: jedi1q2 (lol I'm good ) Spell it with your nose: njheedi... (I opened a new web page ) Spell it with your ear: nbc n y j6ds2e Spell it with your lips: jkcddmq (again opened a new page) This is fun!
  6. It's all black, it's aliased on most of the places and you used the render to make the background; are you sure it's yours? Anyway I like your current sig better. Rate this please:
  7. I'll rate KING's signature then: 8.5 because I like blue and you've put it together well. Rate this one:
  8. You really have an interesting gallery. I love the machete and the bursting soap bubble is very special. Keep up the good work!
  9. Cool! The yoda sig is just awesome. Put your name on it... I might want to steal it. just kidding!
  10. Heh.. what a cute little fellow. Nice work!
  11. Thanks everybody! @Lancadore: There's no need for a tutorial. I just used the toolbox and the Diagonal Lines plugin. Use the Line / Curve tool with the Brush width set at 30-60 for the X. [Added] 2 New realistic images: Tell me what you think
  12. the ceiling cat met Charlie again. So they...
  13. Thank you welshblue! I really apreciate it! [Added] New wallpaper: Version1: Version2: They are both 1600X1200