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  1. Sunset

    Here's mine. Looks remarkably like a sunset on one of our vacations. I have a polaroid, but no scanner, sorry. I followed most of your steps Ash, then added a few of course. Nice "flexible" tutorial, open to a lot of "personal flavoring" as usual. Thanks!
  2. Easiest 3d metal/chrome for any shapes/letters (Easy)

    OK, got it, (finally). Thanks Ash! Much appreciated.
  3. Easiest 3d metal/chrome for any shapes/letters (Easy)

    Another thought provoking guide Ash. Here's mine with a few adjustments. Thanks. One question. On the idea of using "Outline", I have two outlines, one under "effect >outline object" - and another "effects > object > outline", I have even gone to the link you provide for "outline" and downloaded it again. It is the same as "effects > outline object" and I do have 3.30, and NONE of these outlines offer a color wheel mentioned in the thread, NOR a way of setting the angle to -90 as suggested in this tut thread. Really confusing.
  4. PDN Tips and Tricks

    You mean, drag the nubs. Yes, thats what I meant, my brain just couldn't get the correct wording for it. Wait... now I'm confused.... In either the "Move Pixels" or "Move Selection" command a right click ANYWHERE on the screen will rotate the selection. You don't even need to be within the canvas area. Closer to the center point of selection gives you a fast spinning, little control or precision rotation. Further from the center point allows a slower more precisely controlled rotation.
  5. Pretty Darn Neat's PdN Gallery (Updated April 5, 2008)

    Well hey there, and thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Sorry 'bout the snacks, but business has been very slow.
  6. Pretty Darn Neat's PdN Gallery (Updated April 5, 2008)

    Updated Gallery.
  7. Image Umbrella: Realistic Images

    Chrome Ball - all PdN except the 4 cars which come from serious or GIS like I said when I made it.
  8. Popping out of a picture

    Great tutorial. Here's mine I'll be using this for sure.
  9. Where is my gallery?

    Yeah search is pretty useless when it displays something that really isn't there I'd PM Dave about it and give him a heads-up. Strange things going on in the new pictorum pages. Posts showing up as duplicates, dates of Dec. 1969 or something. Weird. Good luck with this.
  10. Pretty Darn Neat's PdN Gallery (Updated April 5, 2008)

    Added new drawing to "Realism" section - "Basketball on Office Filecabinet" 100% PdN from scratch.
  11. After looking and really studying over all of them, I have to go with Aile.
  12. Pretty Darn Neat's PdN Gallery (Updated April 5, 2008)

    Thank you Topezia and mman6460 Your time and comments are appreciated. mman6460 - I like the DB9 too, it is my current desktop. It was done from a tutorial here on "popping out a picture" I believe it was called. Thanks again for the visit. Topezia - That toon car was a lot of fun. I did for a friend on another forum that was going on a trip and had to ride in a tiny, cramped car with three other people and a lot of baggage, two cats in carriers, and a lap dog! Not a trip I would have wanted to take.
  13. Pictorium Suggestion Box / Discussion Thread

    Well, actually these rules are being treated pretty much the same as the regular forum rules. That is, being ignored by some people. I have seen huge pictures, quoted pictures, desktop screen captures rather than just the desktop artwork. It's none of my buisness because I don't have to police it or worry about load times. But, I think part of the problem might be a confusion by some as to what, or where actually, the stated "guidlines" apply. At first read it seems like the size limit may be talking about posting in the umbrellas, and then there are separate guides below that that deal with personal galleries that don't speak to size. I just think people may be confusing "Pictorum" guidlines as something different from "Personal Galleries". Just my 2 cents.
  14. Levels - A How to and Basic Understanding (Now a PDF!)

    I just worked through your tutorial. Very good. Well written and easy to follow. I learned a lot more than I ever knew about "Level". I'm probably wrong, but it looks like adjusting the "Key" is pretty much the same (but better) as adjusting with the "Brightness/Contrast" command. Thanks for your time and effort, much appreciated.
  15. Topezia's gallery 5/26/08: More stuff added to logo room

    OK, finally got it going on! There are several I really like, the cave of course I arleady told you that. But the freaked-out smilie, that is so cool with those eyes, they really grab you. The little mowhawk helps to set the attitude as well. The calm, misty lake I think is my favorite. It's beautiful. I like the way you have the viewer looking "through" the mist rather than just a mist hanging low over the water. Good choice and good mix, not too heavy or obscurring, just enough. I like the animations, but personally I would re-do the "Happy Holidays" to show more of the other sides. Thanks for the tea and the viewing. And no, it wasn't me that spilled the cup of tea over there. see ya.