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CustomBrushesMini v2.2

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You can still use WhichSymbol+ to access Webdings. Link in my signature.

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So I have a (problem?) I cannot scroll to the verymost left or topside of my picture when I am in mini. A similar program smudge, I have vast 'extra' space outside my image so I can scroll where I want the focus to be. Yet on this if I zoom in the problem is far worse and I can hardly get anywhere near the sides of my image.

Any idea?

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The new CBM v2.0 is not working on my system. (Vista Home Premium 32 bit)


Results in crash every time.


There are no plugin load error reports.

pluginproblems.exe gives a blank report.

No Pdncrashlog is produced.

High resource draw with 800x600 single layer file.


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If the button is in CBM, the user might think they can install brushes while CBM is open. Also, i'm considering including a utility to just draw one of the installed brushes on the canvas.

Thanks for your suggestions. :)

One instance at a time would be GREAT! It could act as a rubber stamp, once loaded you could stamp them individually. Then, if you could add a rotate function to stamp it at any angle.... PLEASE?!

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I'm having an issue finding the "custom brushes" folder. Under effects, there are 2 folders "Effects" and "File Types". The rest are files including the custom mini dll file.

Under the 2nd effects folder are other files including another copy of the custom brushes mini dll.

Where exactly is the custom brushes folder? Should I create one in the effects folder?

I've searched everywhere on this forum and cannot find clear instructions on how to do this. I'm also trying to create categories for my brushes but can't find the folder!

Any help will be greatly appreciated :)


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Maybe someone could help me out here. I can't seem to get any brushes to load. I downloaded several from Brusheezy. I unzip them with no problems, but when I go to the CBM to use them, it tells me the folders are empty. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? I know I've done it before, but that was probably 1-2 years ago, on a different computer. Any help would be great. ^_^

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Thanks a LOT for this awesome tool!

Now, I'd never ever gripe about something I got for free. I just want to throw out a couple of ideas (and cross my fingers that they - one day - come to frution :-) )...

It would be nice if the "Category" default weren't 'All Categories', but rather 'Select Category' with 'All Categories' at the top and then all _subfolders (or even better- default to 'Last 10 used' or '10 Most Frequently Used'... but that's wishful thinking :-) ). Wouldn't this speed up the loading process?

The thumbnails on the side make it hard to see what brush you're selecting. I've never used photoshop or any other similar software, so I have nothing to compare to. I don't see a logical way to make the thumbnails more visible. However, it would be nice if, once selected, the brush appeared opaque over the canvas as you moved it around, similar to how it appears if you select a piece of an image and were moving it around the canvas (in pdn, not cbm). That way, you could see exactly how big it is and place it exactly where you want it the first time, rather than having to change the size, click somewhere to see how big it is, change the size again, and click 5 different places until you get it just right. This is my first time using brushes, so if there's a better way than this trial-and-error process I've been doing, I'd love to know.

A previous poster mentioned rotating the brushes. Ditto.


The number you type in for size-- what exactly does the number reference? The number of times the brush size will be multiplied?

Thanks again!

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Like many before me I want to make sure I express my appreciation to you before I ask for help. Thanks! Nice Plug-Ins!

I've just d/l'd CBM (latest version) and installed. Works flawlessly except for Custom Colors - they don't stay. I Define Custom Color, Add Custom Color, and OK out. When I come back in the Custom Color I added is G-O-N-E!

I couldn't find any other references to this problem.



WIN7 32 O/S

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