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  1. Like many before me I want to make sure I express my appreciation to you before I ask for help. Thanks! Nice Plug-Ins! I've just d/l'd CBM (latest version) and installed. Works flawlessly except for Custom Colors - they don't stay. I Define Custom Color, Add Custom Color, and OK out. When I come back in the Custom Color I added is G-O-N-E! I couldn't find any other references to this problem. TIA, Ram WIN7 32 O/S
  2. Yes...I have. I've attached a sample of one of DogWaffle's brushes. The faster you drag the brush, the larger the leaves. In this sample I chose one basic color for each line. DogWaffle incorporated the other colors. It appears to me that the brush is in .OPT format - evidently obsolete. IF I could, in Paint.NET, create similar .PNGs I would be willing to help her do that. However, the multi-color part has me stumped. I use Paint.NET almost exclusively for "flat" simple graphics so if there are more exotic tools available I'm not familiar with them. Thanks for the answer, Rick, I really appreciate it. RP
  3. TIA for any suggestions. Really. My elderly Aunt (seriously) got her 1st computer last Summer and I've been helping her with it. We downloaded several paint programs and she started using Project DogWaffle because she really likes the "organic effects" brush. I've downloaded a ton of Paint.NET plugins and can't find anything like it. I'd like her to switch to Paint.NET because I use it and I could be of more help to her. Also, the free version of Dog Waffle has a really old-school interface. RamPuppy
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