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Cheese Text


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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it.


This is an adaptation of the PS tutorial Cheese text effect in photoshop. The final image from the original tutorial is shown below.



Required Plugins:

AA's_Assistant by @dpy

Align Object by @moc426 or Align Object by @xod

Drop Shadow by @KrisVDM

Gradient Mapping by @pyrochild

Object Inner Shadow by @BoltBait


Note: Read first How to install Plugins.


Font required: Goudy Stout


1. Create a new image (FileNew.png) of any size (f.e. 800x320px) and clear it (Ctrl+A, Ctrl+X).


2. Select the Text tool (TextTool.png) and type CHEESE in the Goudy Stout font with size 84.


3. Select the Magic Wand (Magic-Wand-Tool.png) tool with Contiguous (Flood-Mode-Local.png) mode and a Tolerance of 75-80%. Select the letter S in the text.



4. Switch to the Move Selected Pixels (Move-Selected-Pixels-Tool.png) tool and use the cursor keys to move the letter S to the right to reduce the distance between adjacent letters.



5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the remaining letters until you get an acceptable result.



6. Select the entire text using the Magic Wand tool with Global (Flood-Mode-Global.png) mode. Switch to the Move Selected Pixels tool and stretch the text up a little (about 10 px).



Crop to Selection (CropIcon.png).


7. Increase the canvas size (Image - > Canvas Size (Canvas-Size-Icon.png) or Ctrl+Shift+R) with an anchoring to the middle.



If necessary, align the text to the center using the Align Object effect (Effects -> Align Object for @moc426's effect or Effects -> Object -> Align Object for @xod's effect).


8. Zoom (Zoom-Tool-Icon.png) a bit closer to the text, and with the Eraser (Eraser-Tool-Icon.png) tool delete a couple of places on each letter as shown below:



Now your text should look like this.



9. Select the entire text using the Magic Wand tool with Global mode. Fill the selection with a linear (Gradient-Type-Linear.png) gradient (Gradient-Tool.png) with default colors (Black-And-White.png) as shown in the image below.



Apply the Gradient Mapping effect (Adjustments -> Gradient Mapping) by arranging the markers as shown in the image below. Use these colors for the gradient: FCDA6E, FFD24C. If necessary, move the colors using the Offset slider.



Invert the selection (Ctrl+I) and delete the selected area (Ctrl+X).


You can download prepared preset for Gradient Mapping (CHEESE.xml):




10. Add a new layer (Add-New-Layer.png). Select the Ellipse Select (Ellipse-Select-Tool.png) tool with the Add (union) (Selection-Combine-Mode-Union.png) mode and draw several holes of different diameters in the letters. Select the Paint Bucket (Paint-Bucket.png) tool with Global mode and fill the selection area with FFEEB4 color.



11. Apply the Inner Shadow effect (Effects -> Object -> Inner Shadow) with Blur Radius 5, Shadow Strength 0,75, RGB 210, 150, 0.



Merge layer down (Merge-Layer-Down.png).



12. Apply the AA's_Assistant effect (Effects -> Object -> AA's_Assistant) with the default settings, then apply the Drop Shadow effect (Effects -> Object -> Drop Shadow) with X, Y offset 2, Widening Radius 2, Blur Radius 3, Shadow Opacity 45 and black shadow color.



13. Add a new layer and move it down (Move-Layer-Down.png). Set Primary color to 7DC3E6 and Secondary color to 5096C8. Select the Gradient tool with the Radial (Gradient-Type-Radial.png) mode and draw the gradient as shown below.



14. Merge both layers (Merge-Layer-Down.png) and save your final result.




Note: All settings described in this tutorial are approximate and depend on image size and the desirable end result.

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Thank you @ReMake for this 'cheesy' tutorial!  😆   Had a lot of fun with it!  😊




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