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  1. FYI: Unfortunately, this plugin doesn't seem to work for .RC2 files produced by a Canon G11 camera.
  2. Found another issue: I used an image of size 1920x1080. I wanted to select a rectangle from the upper left corner, of size 1600x900. So I used the Rectangle Select tool, set it to Fixed Ratio of Width 16 by Height 9. (I know I could have set it to Fixed Size, but that is not the point). I then clicked somewhere left and above the upper left corner, and dragged the mouse to cursor position 1600, 900 as indicated in the status bar. The selected rectangle was 1597x900, instead of the expected 1600x900. Note that my screen is 1920x1080, and I was working in Zoom to Window mode (81%). The status bar:
  3. Of course, they have to be. It's drawing all pixels within a given distance of your object. Imagine a regular octagon. You want the widening (or outline) to be at the same distance everywhere, right? The same for horizontal lines, vertical lines and lines under a 45° angle? Well, that logic gives you a circle around each pixel, and that results in rounded corners.
  4. You know, I've been thinking. She didn't need any plugin at all*, because her base image, the one she wants a shadow for, is a clean rectangle, with no transparency. All she needs to do is use three layers. Bottom one is background, top one is her image. In the middle one, draw a black rectangle and blur it. Done. *In fact, a plugin that would be handy to have is my object align plugin, to center the image and black rectangle.
  5. In the interest of improving my effect for future versions: do I understand that the problem here is that you'd want (need) the set the blur radius to something between 75 and 100? Also, if you want the shadow to be darker, one way to get that is to use widening with bluring. As long as widening radius is less than blur radius, you will not get "unblurred" full opacity pixels in your shadow. You can think of the widening happening before the blur. And you can think of the widening as being (more or less) the same as an object outline. But of course, the blur only blurs the shadow, not the original image. The "keep original image" checkbox is present, precisely to allow this kind of scenario. But if you turn it off, the effect becomes significantly slower. If I understand your needs correctly (i.e. a blur radius of 100 pixels), I'm thinking you'd get your result faster with such a blur range in my effect and "keep original image" on, than having to do these multiple steps with duplicating the layer and separate blur. If that's true, I could increase the ranges in the next version.
  6. I'm sorry, but I don't understand what you mean... Can you explain, or maybe point to an image on the web that has what you want?
  7. This is exactly what the Drop Shadow effect is made for. But you need to use layers to make it work. Fill you bottom layer with a background of your choice. In a second layer, place your image. This image now has transparent pixels around it, and the bottom layer is visible through them. Now apply the drop shadow to the top layer.
  8. If people don't have much luck with the drop shadow or object align effects, that's usually because they try them photo's or other images without transparency. You really need transparency around "objects" for these to have any effect. If that's the case, could you be somewhat more specific about your problems?
  9. That would indeed be rather ignorant. The installer is detecting the folder in which you installed Paint.NET, if it was indeed installed. To be honest, I didn't consider LiberKey at the time, because I simply didn't know about it. The next version of the installer will though. And before you ask: no, I don't know when it will be released yet.
  10. It should say that only if you indeed do not have the latest version. You can download the latest version from http://users.telenet.be/krisvandermotten/Downloads/PaintDotNetEffects.html. Unzip and run the installer.
  11. Just in case anyone has a similar problem: the installer will install only the effects you select, it's not all or nothing. I created the installer to make installation easy, inlcuding the scenario where you don't want everything. In fact, you can also rerun the installer to remove some of the effects. Just deselect the ones you don't want. The message that says "please run the installer again" is triggered by Vandermotten.PaintDotNetEffects.Installer.dll. I created this dll because a lot of people just copy the contents of the zip folder into Paint.Net's effects folder. In fact, if they also copied install.exe, this dll will pick it up and allow running it. When the installer has run correctly, that dll is removed and the message no longer appears.
  12. You might be goind mad or not, I don't know about that But yes, the default settings have changed. I had received feedback from several people that they usually use it with both offsets set to zero. As that applies to myself as well, I changed the defaults.
  13. Nope, as far as I know there is no reason to keep both. Feel free to remove one of them. As for Madjik's Grid Maker, maybe I should have done my homework better: I wasn't aware that it existed. It's just something I needed myself some time ago, and was very easy to create. As I had it anyway, I just included it in the download. The story is different for Object Align. The exisiting one hasn't been updated for years. I created my own version for different reasons, including speed and ease of use (which is subjective, feel free to disagree). I'm not sure whether moc426 intends to create new versions of his plugin, but I definitely intend to maintain mine at the same level as my other plugins (and that will include a version for PDN 4 when it comes out).
  14. If you are limited to .NET 2.0, you're probably also limited to C# 2.0. In that case my source is close to useless to you, as it relies heavilly on lambdas and closures. But the techniques work on .NET 2.0, it's just that you have to write the lambdas as anonymous delegates. There were several reasons why I stopped sharing the code, the most important one being that I noticed nobody was interested in it. Most people just want to use the effects; they’re not developers, and the presence of source code only confuses them. The second reason, albeit less important, is that I wanted to stop rip-offs, people making illegal money out of my work. I believe this is also the reason why Rick stopped sharing the source for PDN itself. However, I am willing to help you of course. I will send you a PM.
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