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Space Art. (and my other work's of art)


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7 hours ago, RMSTITANIC said:

He has no legs...


Well, tg for that...I thought they got hacked off.  ;)

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Hi! I'm Beta0. Nice to meet you, @RMSTITANIC. :)


I've noticed you're a fan of Hello Neighbor and BatIM (Bendy and the Ink Machine), both unusual, indie horror games and very popular in YouTube. :O I like your style. Very simple and seems inspired by pixel art. It reminds me a bit of Carrots and Cream, an unsettling food-based game. Plus, I see very good progress on your works about them. :]



About jagged edges, I get it. I admit that working with them it's easier. I tend to do it, especially with large works so I can select and work on specific areas without worrying about crisp lines. I, then, resize the work into something smaller. That way, the jagged edges are no more. X]


Now, back on topic. XD I really like your recent work. I don't know why, but glitch-like and colorful works draw me in. So beautiful. :]

A Gallery 

(Please, be careful. Some of the sites I'm on¬†might not be family-friendly. ūüėĪ )

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This one has an eerie glow that I like @RMSTITANIC    Great job!  :)

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