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  1. I have an Xbox One X... and an Xbox 360. Maybe you have heard of the game going around recently? You know... Baldi's Basic's?
  2. Oof. I forgot to search up if a thread like that already existed... I guess I had too much on my mind on the moment. *Just lock it now that I know there is already a thread on the topic of video games
  3. I don't know why I chose to do this. I honestly don't know. But still, this is the Grand Theory of Everything.
  4. It's been ages since I last posted here; I'm going to start posting art again, so I'll have something ready soon.
  5. Ok, maybe not that big. I thought I would quickly revisit one of my old arts and make some changes to it to make it look a bit better. This brings back memories.
  6. Something different and big is coming, which is why there is a lack of stuff recently.
  7. I promise art will be here soon. I've just had a lot to do recently, so I am a bit overwhelmed.
  8. Beta version, might as well post it to keep you occupied.
  9. It's kinda cool. I might have that as an art. The angle was at 90 degrees, so I think what is happening is that it is trying to render a 2d plane at a view where it is edge on, but it can't it try's to render 91 degrees; though it freaks out cause it can't do that.
  10. Off Topic: I was working on my new piece of art; and then this happened while doing Rotate and Zoom in the layers menu. Uhhh...
  11. Same as before, but a more creepy and glitchy version.
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