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  1. Just did a tutorial for this then checked your example and realised that you didn't actually want a rainbow Still made it so will post it. First you need these 3 plug ins Conditional hue/saturation http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=885 Object align http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=8375 And Gravity http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=7968 Second open up PDN and just use the default options for new project Use the paint bucket tool and fill it with a colour I chose blue but anything will work ( except black or white ) Then go to adjustments/conditional hue/saturation and change the highlighted parts Then use the blue arrow tool and click on the image to reveal the movement points and drag the top middle one down Now use object align to center it Now add a new layer and choose draw eclipse and change it to filled, hold down the shift key while drawing to keep it round and then use the blue arrow to move it down Merge both layers together anr run gravity plug in at default selections Use magic wand set to 71 to remove black ( click on it then press ctrl+x ) Open up your image and add your rainbow ( delete any parts you dont want with eraser and set layer mode to overlay plus use gaussian blur to help blend it ) voila. There may be a few mistakes as I was very tired when putting this together
  2. Some great female singers above and here's one more.
  3. Stock photo used. http://houseoflowers.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Blooming-flowers-under-sunshine-vol-1-1440-900-no-25-wallpaper.jpg
  4. Well done everyone,have to admit was expecting a low turnout when I chose the subject glad I was wrong.
  5. The colour picker tool should work,place your mouse pointer on the colour and press the "K" key this should select the tool,looks like an eye dropper and press the left or right mouse key.
  6. Here's what I would do. 1.Open a new file by pressing CTRL + N 2.Input the size as 960 x 150 3.Goto LAYERS>IMPORT FROM FILE and select your 160 x 152 image 4.Move this to the right with the MOVE TOOL ( the blue arrow ) 5.Now use the RECTANGLE SELECT TOOL and select the left hand portion of your image as shown in the below pic. 6.Now use the MOVE TOOL (blue arrow ) again and drag it to the left using the middle left nub. you could also after step 5 copy this to another layer and do step 6 on both and then run an effect on the top layer such as EFFECTS>DISTORT>CRYSTALISE and use a transparent linear gradient to blend them together.
  7. Great works and also love that second image http://i.imgur.com/4ksJ0Tf.png look forward to you getting stuck in your computer chair more often
  8. @Welshy been listening the the first 2 Maiden alums over the last couple of days and just seen your post,what a sad day
  9. Thanks RFX and Helen ( not sure what sig you are talking about ? )
  10. Well tried 2 times to watch the Hobbit and fell asleep both times,a very very slow movie about 1 and a 1/4 hours into and nothing has happened apart from a lot of singing if I had wanted to watch a musical I would of rented Les Miserables. Would rate it 3/10 Zero Dark Thirty - Wasn't expecting too much from this as the last Bigelow film I watched after a lot of praise The Hurt Locker was pretty bad 4/10 (my rating ) but found myself on the edge of my seat at times for this movie. Had a very realistic feel to it and the end operation was was very intense. 9/10
  11. Congrats everyone. (Have PM'd Drew with some ideas for the next one )
  12. I also saw flight and really enjoyed it,would give it a 9/10 also saw Jack Reacher and wasn't expecting to like it but I did 7.5/10 2 films I have yet to watch The Hobbit and Zero Dark Thirty will probably try to catch up on them this weekend.
  13. I made this quickly using tube oblique. Basically made a wall of coloured squares then centered them using object align Duplicated the image and turned off the bottom layer, then used tube oblique with a y ( bottom slider of the top 2 ) value of about -60,then turned off this layer and turned on the other and used tube oblique with a value of +60 on the y axis. Turned on both layers and then erased the parts I didn't want ( so the bottom half of the upward curve image and the top part of the downward curved image )taking care where they meet. Not perfect and probably a bit hard to do on a complicated image.
  14. Welcome back NN79 The place wouldn't be the same with out you.
  15. I will enter this,hope it meets the deadline ( Oh look here is a handy world clock I can check ) stock image http://www.one2one-removals.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/Cityscape5.jpg
  16. Well if that "argument" is all it took for her to leave then so be it but at 33 years old I would of expected her to be more mature about it especially as she is a fully qualified paramedic and emergency care assistant. Wonder what her bedside manner is like ? If this is really all down to a real ****** day at work and she apologises then so be it,we all have bad days and sometimes post when we really shouldn't,but in my book it needs to be sooner rather than later.
  17. Well this is all a bit childish,saw nothing wrong with Blackpenny's question, NN79's response was a bit standoffish though and then to cancel the comp after all the hardwork everyone put in is just lame. I too vote for Drew to take over
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