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  1. apparently i just recently updated the software and most of the plug-ins aren't running probably because they aren't the updated ones I will scout around how to install the latest ones, thanks : ]
  2. Thank you so much for the comment, yeah, ever since i started using PDN, i have never thought of using any other editing tool and been advertising it to my friends [ Hahaha diehard fan much? ] But yeah this was shot in an actual scene, merging two different shots and just basically improving the whole color combination, color saturation and stuff
  3. Hi, I'm really new to this and just thought of sharing my works and I've been using PDN for quite some time now. This photo is one of my favorites and best thing is 100% PDN made, tell me what you think : ] This other photo is one of my self-portraits, blurred the bg to make it look pro-looking and adjusted the whole color mood and some image enhancements : ]
  4. hehehe i just wanted to post my work hahaha even if am far too late for this...
  5. I've been wondering how can we create a picture with multiple me in a picture with different poses that looks as if i was cloned or something? Can anyone help me?
  6. It's been awhile but i decided to open up this problem, it seems that since i placed some new fonts, when ever i click the text icon and try to change the font style it responds really slow, i mean maybe it takes a minute or two before you can change the font style. Guys, can you check on this and try to fix it in the latter versions of PDN?
  7. Glow and Soften Portrait use the combination of two other effects, maybe in many situations I want 0 of softness or 0 of in radius. Zero is important to me. :oops: Edit: I use zero for example to clean scanned figures. I agree with her, i mean opening that soften effect gives you the categories, softness, warmth and brightness, right? In my case it i pretty much like the after effect when you put softness to zero then adjust the brightness and and lessen the warmth or make it zero, it looks good, here's what i mean: In exhibit 1 the original photo,was shot using my N6630 anyways i'm
  8. nice stories, i wanna hear more. so you guys continue sending in your stories!
  9. I used to look at pictures in a very peculiar way, like i usually look at the flaws, some mistakes or some wacky objects included in the picture that is not supposed to be included... ahehehe yep stuffs like that. When i stepped in 2nd year i was pretty much interested on photo editing, i used to ask myself, "how on earth did they make those pictures look like that?" then i used to look at billboards, magazines and i told myself someday i'm gonna be a photographer and do edited pictures. I keep on asking my friends how can we edit pictures? what do we need to do? and then someone answered that
  10. here is my recently edited photo... tell me what do you guys think?..
  11. .. thank you guys... hmmm... thank you really for helpin' me out .. yeah like i'LL never ever! uninstaLL my pdn ever!.... weeeeeeeeeeeee! i'll continue to experiment on things and watch out for cool new plug ins and updates! ...
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