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  1. Its been a long time since I have visited your gallery Barbieq but glad I did Love the sigs you created especially the first 2 on post #895 ( the text is fantastic ) and the last on #900 ( again the text and also the fur background ) bet everybody was pleased with your creations. The banners on #915 are just wow and the woman was or is a fool for not taking them up. The 2 new wallpapers Australia ( gorgeous makes me want to go there and I hate the heat ) Deep ocean silent scream - As welsh said one freaky wallpaper O.O
  2. I too love your sig and love both Teragon seaport and the asteroid belt it's great to see you have come on so much
  3. Sorry its been sometime since I viewed your gallery but it was well worth coming back. You have a great knack of following tuts and some of your newer pieces are of a fantastic quality especially love the wooden ball and puzzle world
  4. Wow, you have a really clean style and very professional looking and love your website. Haeri Blue light and Blue planet are my favs.
  5. Hope your feeling better Love the new works all 3 have great quality to them and as I am a bit of a Trekkie,love cycling and used to watch a lot of rallying they all have relevance to me
  6. To echo Barbie and blackpenny the first new work is fantastic
  7. Nice to see your new pieces Drew especially the clip warp ones ( umbrella is my fav ) Keep up the good work
  8. Nice gallery especially love the Legion one on page one ( 4th one down on left column ) as for the #37 it's a problem I have always had when using the zoom blur but it doesn't really detract from the image.
  9. Nice, was half expecting to see a Mcdonalds or Starbucks
  10. Love that Yellowman might have a go myself at creating something like that
  11. I may have lost my award but getting praise for gloss from the "Queen of gloss" makes up for it
  12. Thanks guys. Have to admit to being a little disappointed at not holding on to my signature of the year award after all the hard work I put in last year ( approx 20 different ones ) Still there's always this year
  13. Try this. http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/25659-realistically-swapping-faces/
  14. Thank you and thanks also to Sharp for the tutorial Here's a couple of others
  15. Been meaning to try this one for ages.
  16. I second Looper really enjoyed it I also agree TDKR was an awful film, Batman Begins was and still is my fav of the trilogy Too many plot holes in the other 2 to be enjoyable ( why in the second film did batman take the fall for Harvey dent ? ) that still confuses me to this day. End of Watch ( written by David Ayer who also wrote Training day 8/10 and Harsh Times 9/10 and directed Street Kings 8/10 ) after reading good things about it and being told how great it was by a couple of work colleagues watched it and was disappointed, very mediocre at best with no real stand out performances from any of the lead actors 6/10
  17. Sasha - Nice try but just too simple, would of been better with some sort of texture to the back ground and the little imperfections around the letters are off putting,as is the border not being uniform around the image. Welshblue - Think a border would of framed the image nicely but the text and background are done well as are the textures and shadows so my point goes to you. Sasha - 0 Welshblue - 2
  18. Easy make the outline on one layer then use the magic wand tool and click anywhere inside the outline then on the layers window press the ADD NEW LAYER button ( the selection you made with the magic wand remains ) now fill this with the paint bucket tool.
  19. Appears I must of posted it on another forum so here it is,along with Danny Macaskill
  20. I get angry at people who click the obviously wrong link and then blame PDN,Get a better ad blocker ;-)
  21. @AGJM nice song I posted some Ben Howard earlier in this thread, a fantastic artist with a great future ahead
  22. Well done Sasha some great new works,I too enjoy the fingerprints on the glass a great addition
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