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  1. How did you come up with this tut ?were you able to see the result in your head and know which plugins to use or did it just come from experimentation ? Here's something combining this tut and WB's chain links.
  2. Until EER splits YM's idea into its own thread I will post my one here,I call it Metal Rose.
  3. Can see this being useful on render based sigs ,thanks.
  4. Oceana - Like the simplicity of it but afraid pdnnoob beats you on this one. pdnnoob - Great sig probably just let down by the font and text placement but that is one of the hardest things to get right. Oceana - 0 pdnnoob - 1
  5. Thanks for your kind words and to Drewdale Ouch! I feel better after reading about your accident. @WB it happened on the way home at 2.30am so after the initial pain I continued cycling home and was up all night till I walked to the hospital the following morning 11am about a 1hr walk. Was expecting to be home a few hours later but was kept in for surgery
  6. Its more of a hindrance than anything its my right hand and I am right handed and live alone so even the simplest jobs are a pain
  7. Just checking in and letting you guys/girls know that I am still alive ( just ) been meaning to post some of the new stuff I have done (mainly sigs ) but have not got round to it yet are the problems still here that some members had when updating their galleries ? Also into my second week with a broken hand and dislocated thumb (MTB accident ) so not able to do much of anything at the moment,this is the first time I have had of work in over 10 years and I am already bored NO gym or biking for at least 8 weeks Glad to see how healthy the comps are getting with some amazing pieces being entered and a few new faces joining in the fun
  8. Just started 2 old shows "How I met your mother" & "It's always sunny in Philadelphia" both really funny Also getting ready for the finale of season 3 of Game of Thrones Last weeks episode "The Rains of Castamere" was the most shocking episode of anything I have ever watched 0.0 when it was over I just stared at the TV for what seemed like hours still can't believe what happened.
  9. I also used to think Cat Stevens sung it and have even heard a radio DJ say it was him.
  10. Except for one problem Cat Stevens never released or covered this song the audio you are hearing is by Harry Chapin the original singer and songwriter of this song,the confusion stems from this sounding very much like Cat's other song Father and son and the fact cat also released an album in the 70.s called Cats cradle. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q29YR5-t3gg http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cat's_in_the_Cradle Apparently it's one of the most miss labeled video's on you tube.
  11. Used stock images and can link to them if required but I think it's pretty obvious what I used.
  12. Star trek into darkness 9/10 even better than 2009's Star Trek, love all the subtle changes to the original timeline. Snitch 8/10 quite enjoyed this and inspired by true events. Hangover III rubbish 3/10 let this one die Seal Team Six 7/10 the other movie about Bin Laden not as good as Zero Dark Thirty but still worth a watch. Bridge over the River Kwai classic movie say no more. Limitless rewatched and still enjoyed 8/10
  13. Fast for 3 days,only water and black tea. First meal skip is the hardest as is the first night but day 2 is not too bad hunger pains come and go and only last about 20 mins and day 3 is a breeze with the odd crave. By day 4 you'll feel fantastic and full of energy. I normally do one 4 day fast a month not only is it good for your health its good for your wallet,no food shopping and you have more free time
  14. How amazing to cover a song like this while in low Earth orbit.
  15. avoid turning it on anymore, open it up and leave it for a couple of days to dry out.
  16. Try this. http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/25659-realistically-swapping-faces/
  17. I'm liking all the new works NMD and as B mentioned great text placement on the solid ninja sig
  18. If you scroll down the tutorial until you reach the first hidden section and open it you will get an easy to follow fix.
  19. NMD - Very hard to pull off a vertical sig ( I know I have tried ) and this one just doesn't do it,sorry Edit - Didn't mean to sound too harsh and it has actually grown on me but point still goes to Xzeri Xzerizon - Just seen this sig in image battles and thought WOW! I love it +1 NMD21 - 0 Xzerizon - 1
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