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  1. Love fringe and John Noble is a fantastic actor who deserves recognition for his portrayal of Walter Bishop ( its a shame only one actor can win an Emmy every year because he is so deserving,yet cannot deney the actors who have beaten him Bryan Cranston and Damien Lewis ) Its gonna be a mixed day of emotions when the show ends,I will miss it but at the same time be glad that it came to a natural end and didn't get canned like so many other shows have. Both Dexter and Homeland finished last night and both went out with a bang litterally,can't wait for the new seasons of both.
  2. Saw Looper a while back a great film well worth seeing if you are into intelligent sci-fi. Hope to see The Hobbit this week not a big fan of LOTR but working in a cinema I have seen little bits and pieces of the Hobbit and was very impressed with the riddle scene (Gollum just looks fantastic ) Just wish my cinema had got its act together and updated its projector firmware to allow 48FPS though
  3. ^ You should try out Far Cry 3 next,it's easily my GOTY.
  4. Great choice of vehicle Sasha,had one myself for about 4 years and went to pretty much every musical festival in it. There's something about driving a vdub that makes all your worries go away
  5. I remember years ago I must of been 15-16 years old and I used to tape a lot of music of the Tv, especially Later with Jools Holland and the odd concert they showed late at night. One night there was a Squeeze concert on and I only taped it because Jools had mentioned on one of his shows it was coming up and that he was in the band. Glad I did one of the best concerts I had ever seen such an amazing band and a great song writer and as you say soo under-rated it's criminal.
  6. I was never a fan of the old games hated the controls and the camera angles but I do like resi 6 but at the moment it has taken a back seat to Far cry 3 ( being a veggie I never thought I would have soo much fun hunting and skinning animals LOL ) Hardly touched the story.
  7. Dear Santa please can you move Christmas to the 32nd of December,thank you.
  8. These comments remind me of two tool songs,even if it's not your musical taste try and listen to them both http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egTJEGrhPTg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XrCI6h_ZgMg
  9. LOL I never said it was geographically correct I'm more concerned that I can't post images anymore
  10. As promised. http://i1010.photobucket.com/albums/af227/minners71/globe.png Won't allow me to post as normal,error message comes up saying "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community"
  11. Two great images by two talented artists. I could quite easily give 5 to each the same as chimay did and you know what I am. Welsh 5 Ella 5 Totals - Welsh 10 Ella 10
  12. I will also say congrats on the sticky, I'm at work right now but as soon as the boss goes I will give this one a go
  13. @Sasha like everyone has already said never sell yourself short. I had tried several times but not managed to get it looking as clean as yours and then discovered as soon as the drop shadow was put in that it came together.
  14. Sounds like a cool idea I'd be up for it
  15. Thanks to everyone who's commented since my last visit, Helen,Barbieq,Nanette,Dug,Xzerizon,Welsh and Ella all your comments are warmly appreciated Really want to update and reorganise my gallery but do not have much spare time and plus with the bugs the forum is having at the moment probably not the best time to do this.
  16. How about a tie meaning just that, does there always have to be a winner ?
  17. I agree a great start to your gallery and you seem to have a great grasp of PDN already,can't wait to see what the future brings. I personally would like to know how you do your outline sig ? Have tried a few outline fonts but none come quite as close to stunning as yours although I have created 5 new ones which will be showing soon
  18. Game designers can never win,people complain about the same game being released year after year COD and then when a designer changes a game they still get negative remarks. Never judge a game on a demo the full game plays far better with proper movement controls rather than the antiquated tank controls of the last games and is jam packed with content. Plus it looks and performs equally on both platforms Xbox and Ps3 something most game designers find hard to accomplish.
  19. Drewdale - A nice sig just a shame about the empty space. I personally think it would look better if the diamond was centered and the line intersected your name and the black grey gradient background was cropped to about half it's height. Sasha - Another nice sig,not as striking as your current one but still very pleasing to look at. Drewdale - 0 Sasha - 2
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