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  1. Sorry I missed this battle,I would of voted for skullz. @Drew the I is still in the box if you look at the perspective. Done for a fellow gamer. Source image http://images2.fanpop.com/image/photos/9000000/Joker-the-joker-9028188-1024-768.jpg
  2. Sasha - Nice attempt but a bit too many jaggies for me Red Ochre - Fantastic, very smooth and very shiny. Feel like getting a cloth out and polishing it Sasha - 1 Red Ochre - 2
  3. Just started watching Arrow and it's very good http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2193021/
  4. I like it Prosper,personally I would of gone with a single pixel border but apart from that great.
  5. Red Dwarf X was a great comeback loved the scene with lister and the recorded message,genius. Also Lifes too short,another Ricky Gervais creation,my fav scene or atleast one of them.
  6. and a band thats been going nearly 40 years and have released the best albums of their career in the last 10.
  7. Have to disagree with Sash, there is plenty of good music around if you know where to look. Gojira,Ben Howard,Devilskin,Florence and the Machine and Mastodon to name but a few. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JF4XwUu0r18
  8. Wow Hi Zwicky don't think we have ever met but I do love your sig work, in all honesty my fav sigs ever I just love your style A fellow Kiwi as well ( although I am only a Kiwi due to geographical location )
  9. Somehow I missed your gallery out when I did my viewings a couple of days ago Great new works Love the swans very imaginative,Christmas-1 ( globe with green swirls ) is just wow,seriously fantastic Snowman again top marks just so well done and now onto glowing glossy love the idea but the honeycomb part is just slightly out of alignment never the less still a great composition.
  10. Thank you now I can vote NMD - Love it, a little bit in 2 minds about the writing being so hard to see but also feel that it fits with the image and helps to portray the emotion. Daniels - Nicely executed but just a bit too bland on the background,even just a simple gradient or reflection or both would of set it off nicely. NMD - 1 Daniels - 0
  11. @NMD your sig entry violates the size rule,can you please resize to 500x200 max size.
  12. As pdnnood stated only if you save as a .pdn paint net file but even then all you can do is move or rescale the text, to write something new you will have to deselect that layer and create a new one with the updated text on it. for example: You open up your map into pdn and it becomes the background layer you press add new layer and on this you write England with an arrow pointing to England You then save this as a .pdn file then save again as a jpeg or png you then shut down your pc and leave it for a day next day you start up your pc and look at your jpeg image,you notice that it points to France by mistake ( you can do nothing about it in its jpeg state ) you load in the .pdn file and go to layer 1 ( text layer ) you select the blue arrow ( move selection ) click on the layer and move the text to the correct place,problem solved. While moving the text you realise that you spelt England wrong ( nothing you can do about this ) apart from turning layer off and adding a new layer and re-writing the text again correctly.
  13. Like the new clipwarp one.....................................but wonder how it would of looked if you kept the original background and turned it B&W or even into a pencil sketch ?
  14. Thanks to everyone who has commented,not had much time to do any PDN'ing so nothing new to add this year
  15. ##*$## time keepers ( insert angry smiley ) Entered the masters games this year ( for those unfamiliar with the event it alternates between here (Wanganui ) and Dunedin and is a mini olympics complete with games village and medals for the over 35's ) I took part in 3 events Duathlon ( run 5k,bike 30k and run 5k ) Was an event I wasn't expecting to do too well in, especially as I have a mountain bike and not a road bike but ended up with a gold medal in the 40-49 age group XC mountain biking four laps of a quite technical course vid can be seen here ( I am not in the vid ) Didn't place but I gave 100% so have no regrets ( the top guys were way out of my league ) and the last event was the stair racing it consists of about 320 steps, starting at the road there is a straight run of about 100steps then another 50 or so in 3 groups seperated by some hilly path ways then a run across a car park before climbing Durie hill tower approx 180 steps. Now I have been running this every Monday for the last year and consistently run 6mins 15 secs so was pretty much assured gold and was even hoping that on the day I could make a challenge on the record of 5mins45secs. On reaching the top of the tower I was told I was the fastest time and I blitzed it on the way down now this is were the RANT starts. I saw the time keeper write a time down and waited around for the next guy to see how far behind he was, on getting to the bottom the time keeper recorded his time and turned to the girl writing them down and says "That's Paul" I corrected him but he looked very confused as did the girl writing the time down After a few mins had passed I looked at the results and found I had bronze with a time of 6.48 and the guy that had gold had a time of 6.18 ( meaning if correct I had lost over 30 secs on the downward section ) seeing as most people said I was the fastest they had seen coming down something felt odd. I asked them to check the times which they did and assured me no mistakes had been made. Now to the awards ceremony they called out gold for my age group of 6.18secs and race number and name, the guy they named ( I thank him for his honesty ) had timed himself and had a time 7.35 and a different race number ( cue confused looks between time keepers ) they then left to recheck the times and left the 40-49 age group till last. When they came back the time of 6.18 ( my normal average time in practice or close to it ) had been taken away and everyone was promoted up one place ( so I got silver ) I know that time of 6.18 was mine and although I am happy with silver knowing all my hard work through the year was ruined due to sloppy record keeping is disappointing to say the least. My silver medal time in the end was 6.48 over 30 secs slower than all my practice runs and only 12 seconds behind gold and to top it all off if I was infact the 21st runner and not the 20th ( confusion with names at the end of course ) I would of had 5.48 and just 3 secs outside the record Apart from this downer the games were a great success and I thank ever body involved in running them
  16. Its great to see you win the Picasso award you truly deserve it ( had a laugh out loud moment when I saw your take on the puffer fish, great job ) you have a style all your own keep up the strangeness ( I mean that in a good way )
  17. Love all your works Pixey and wish I had a fraction of your talent the violin piece is just astounding! as is the puppy dog and elf lady you must have the patience of a saint to make such amazing works of art.
  18. Welcome Fallback and a nice start to your gallery. You seem to be into photo manips and wondered have you seen this tut http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/12205-popping-out-of-a-picture/
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