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  1. Your Guardian Angel by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
  2. Rant: Why is it so hard to find good anime renders!!?? ERGH!
  3. I agree with pdnnoob on this preconceived or not isnt relevent. If it can't be classified as manslaughter then it's a murder, plain and clear cut.
  4. For you my friend I commence sad music on the world's smallest violin.
  5. Oh my Gosh I love Hatsune Miku!! And i love Nekomimi which it seems you like as well! Yippee
  6. Welcome Copy Cat Master, I look forward to seeing your works, I love Asian culture and anime as well xD. Wlecome back GamerMomoe aka Zelda_Guru! I remember you vaguely (i believe you disappeared shortly after my joining so yeah xD
  7. My father who lives in Wisconsin has bird dogs, all Brittneys. The first, Scout, we got as a puppy when i was 5. The second, Hunter we got when I was 10 or 11. Scout and hunter can go outside without a leash one at a time, but never together. When they get out together they run off, wearing their paws sore from the asphalt roads. Anyways in the fall of 2011, they got out together and apparently when they were crossing a road, Hunter got across but Scout, being 11 at this time and very old; got hit. I'm not as hurt not but I still am quite sad over it as Scout and me had a special connection. I
  8. I feel you AGJM, having moved, my 20 year old brother stayed in Virginia, so that has sucked in many ways. The feelings and emotions are hard to deal with but in my own experience, it helps to release those feelings in your creativity, allowing your heart to better move on, it's like your own eulogy in a sense. Also know that as your intellectual and physical developement progresses up to your 20s, it will have caught up to your emotional creative side, and it wil be easier to control and deal with the overwhelming feelings you have. I speak from personal experience.
  9. DrewDale I can't help but see Hawkeye every time I see your avi, the eyes and around are hidden by the glasses, but yeah everytime I scroll a new page I stop and do a double-take scroll when I see it xD. And welsh very nice Buffalo Soldier!
  10. Do you mean 49ers?? I personally was bummed and lost much interest in watching the superbowl due to Denver getting so close and then falling on their faces. My brother watched and I just asked him a few questions now and then.
  11. Woohoo homeschooler and Asian!!! Asians are awesome in so many ways.
  12. Coffee never hypes me up, caffiene and sugar never really affect me. Rant: Having returned to Colorado after 8 years in Virginia, I know nobody around the area and being homeschooled don't have much chance to get to know people, as everyone stays indoors in the winter.
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