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  1. @Pixey! 💮 Perfect in all aspects.
  2. @welshblue, @Maggie, @lynxster4! I won't give up, I mean if you don't like it, choose another theme. I am patient and impatient at the same time.
  3. @welshblue! I have also tried, (De-Select) yet not achieved the desired effect. New Notepad Page PDF Version >>> Second is not notepad, but "Animal Texture". Thank you so much for your effort.
  4. @welshblue! I have a problem. Second part of the tutorial "Effects >>> Flip Horizontal" after the click doesn't show up in my case as with your picture. Flip Horizontally not at the left side to the outside (yours is like this) but to the Flip-Horizontal right side. How should I correct?
  5. @welshblue! That's very decent of you. 👍
  6. @lynxster4 and @welshblue! I don't think this subject is so good. Best you choose a new theme. Everyone's waiting for Santa Claus. But the deadline is 21.12. Therefore perhaps no one wants to take part.
  7. @HyReZ! Wonderful work. I love it, very good idea. Thanks for showing us your work.
  8. @lynxster4 and @welshblue! Ho ho ho...
  9. @lynxster4, @Pixey, @HyReZ, @Eli, @MJW, and @welshblue! Thank you very much, everyone. I played something with the Directional Lighting and Clipboard Image Rotation.
  10. Dear @lynxster4, @welshblue, and @HyReZ! Congratulations to all the winners! (Normally the winner chooses the next topic to determine). Yet I accept the election. Of all the participants the pictures very beautiful. Thank you for the sharing Dear @lynxster4! 💮
  11. @Vagabondi! Curtains look great. And I love the moon so much, I'm crazy about it. Well done. Thank you so much for sharing your results with us.
  12. @welshblue! It was a lot of fun again. (That's why I've got three of them) I look forward to your honest opinion. Thank you so much for your effort.
  13. @welshblue! Your new avatar picture my lovely colors.
  14. @Vagabondi, and @TrevorOutlaw! I thank you very much that you like my some work.
  15. Dear @lynxster4! Wow! What a great result. Thank you for sharing this with us!
  16. @Ego Eram Reputo! Thanks a lot to all plugin writers. Thanks also to you, because you give us info every month.
  17. @msh! Welcome to our Thank you so much for youe effort.
  18. @Wither! Thank you so much for your effort.
  19. @Icegodes! Looks great. In the next days I will try it. Thanks for sharing with us.
  20. @Vagabondi! Your new work is also very nice. Thank you for sharing your result!