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  1. Many thanks for such a warm welcome, everyone! These next few pieces aren't necessarily "new" per se, however they do demonstrate a few rendering things I've discovered on my own by some fiddling around with plugins. I recall a comment on these forums from a moderator who claimed this program couldn't emulate CMYK processing, something I myself have always been trying to perfect without breaking the bank for Photoshop, or learning a new program like GIMP. If you zoom in on some of these images, hopefully you can see the full details of what I did. I sourced the paper textures from a website called "Lost and taken", very useful stuff they have on there.
  2. I ran the unfiltered image through CMY Ghost and then Hue/Saturation for a similar effect as far as the colors go. As for how the other image got blurred or something to that effect is beyond me unfortunately.
  3. Here are a few presets I made for this wonderful plugin! It's funny how I read the OP of this thread and my mind first went to the thought of tinkering with the presets to make some marble-looking tie-dye-esque texture with the 2D map option. With enough experience, I feel like I can get the same mileage out of this like I did with the "Clouds" plugin, in that I have also been using that for simulating effects such as marble, sponge painting, and others that I can't recall off the top of my head right now. If you click on the image below, it should take you to a download link for the presets. If that doesn't work, try this hyperlink. Do forgive the filenames for some of these presets, I gave them that based on random memories I have associated with the color schemes in question.
  4. Not to risk necroposting in this thread, but would it be alright if I posted some of the presets I made with this plugin? I find it's extremely helpful in rendering things besides planets as well.
  5. I've always read it phonetically as "five dollar foot's long" , I hope that clears things up.
  6. I've been a staunch proponent of paint.net and have been using this program since sometime in about 2012. Most of my art from back then was either lost in various HDD failures, or simply does not look good enough to present today. However, I started to up my game in about 2018, and here is a selection of some of my best and most recent works that have solely used this program. If anyone would be at all interested, I do take commissions for art in the style of these on this embedded link.
  7. Are "untooned" style edits valid candidates for realistic images?
  8. What I normally do is run a given image through Ed Harvey's Halftone plugin, sometimes if I'd like to add another effect like the ink may not have had the best printjob I would also use MadJik's Color Aberration plugin. I apologize for not being more specific, but I can provide more details about either effect if interested.
  9. I have a humongous personal collection of fonts that I've been continuing to add to as I find more over time. As others have noted, paint.net works with any & all fonts that you've installed to your system. I haven't seen any streamlined way of modifications to glyphs such as kerning, tracking, or even editing the letterforms themselves, I have been doing all of those manually by measuring things on a single pixel level.
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