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  1. Ok I start to write one, and ty for fixing the images and I will keep that in mind in the future
  2. ^^ still learning textures glad they turned out well
  3. In your Dreams the level detail in is scary to me. 😱
  4. Woven Wormhole I feel like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole, just endless wondering what is at the other end. Great work!
  5. ^^ I could make a tutorial how I did the signature if you are interested, might take some time though. Since, I would do it on a much larger scale. Imgur was the new site I chose just cant get the images to post here for some reason.
  6. This took way to long to reply to at the time I posted this thread, I was going through a really hard time. I got scared about replying to everyone just made a "thankyou" at the bottom. I hope you all can forgive my cowardice, its been a struggle to past. Thankyou all for your positive feedback! I will reply to any comment in the future. Sincerely, Ice
  7. I really like Blooming Peace ^^
  8. Thankyou you all for the postive feedback I know I still have a lot to do finish on my account here, but I have little time right now to do so.
  9. Update Work in progress need suggestions on background I'm drawing the background for this one right now will take time to trace in getpaint Still working on the tutorial been really tired with work lately so in between writing it out. I have been working on this for a friend of mine would like honest feedback on it, and will make the corrections (if any) later. With a new repost replacing this 1.