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  1. That you for the tutorial, it has much versatility to it.
  2. Been playing around with this plugin a lot., and this attempt was something new for me. Your plugin has so much versatility! ^^
  3. Awesome Pack btw! used Psychocolour on this image heavily.
  4. Very late response sorry! Been real tired for the past 5 weeks my new work schedule throwing me for a loop. @lynxster4 & @Anybloodyidthankyou for the kind comments!
  5. An update to what I have been up to. Also a sketch image pack I have been working on. At times I love to draw more then coloring my work. I wish I got it out sooner but it takes time for me to retrace my light drawings in paint. All images are copyright free have fun with em! http://www.mediafire.com/file/20181ewueypdxse/Sketch_pack.zip/file (Note) I did not resize any image in the pack, I actually cropped the extra white space. That is why file size is large. Kinda fell asleep after posting this so I forgot to add this note.
  6. My attempt. Was fun to play around with. ^^ Thankyou. `
  7. "Mom Shelia burned the fabric again!" Great tutorial it was blast ^^.
  8. A really fun plugin used it on a image and well...….. "They're multiplying run!"
  9. This is piece is called Alice I tried to convey the first part Alice to the door in the picture. Each letter of Alice's name is represented in the image. I was struggling with the coloring, but after reading your tutorial I got inspired hope it turned out ok.
  10. Hope I did it right. Used it as a background.
  11. That you for the tutorial here is my attempt While working on it came up with this incantation. Sitting upon the Astral Clock of Time, Spinning this tragic rhyme, Lost so much in this short span of time, I seek the protection sealed away, In the seventh star of this seventh day, Sacrificing my right to see my home, To protect it again once more, I call upon you now the shield sealed away, Aegis
  12. Fun and easy to follow, here is my paw in it ^^.
  13. The piece I did for Valentines Day. Hope it turned out ok. Took longer to get it all together then I thought. https://youtu.be/CI2FNyx8LRU Credits used for the town image https://pixabay.com/photos/small-city-house-street-light-4769006/ Music used Love Story by Jonny Easton Link: https://youtu.be/YcGEBptSSQk I credited the art I used and music on video as well.
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