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  1. Thank you, Queen The idea is not mine, of course, I just like it very much. Don't we all see Monday Lisa in the mirror at times. Even the best of us... Cheers!
  2. VirusTotal says it's malicious. Both the download URL and the zip itself I know @TechnoRobbo hasn't been here for a while but probably someone else could reupload and attach it to make sure it's safe? (Most likely, the engines detected the .dll somewhere in "non-official" source, packed together with malware, but what about the link in this post?) PS. Sorry to disturb you, I'm just not into the "one posive = false positive" approach, and the effect looks really fine...
  3. ReMake, thanks for the respond :) Well, I started much later -- with the 4.021 version, and it wasn't the case, believe it or not. Btw here's the classic menu from the plugin thread and it looks okay. Green - Red - Blue straight in line. (Mine used to look the same & I totally have no idea how I managed to mess with it.) Anyway, it doesn't matter much as long as the plugin keeps working fine & won't crash. And I didn't realize that dpy is not a regular visitor now (should have checked the profile). Nevermind...
  4. Is it possible to create a text formation plugin that would Repeat Text? Right now I use TextWindow for that purpose (a really cool plugin by toe_head2001). In addition to the text repeating technics, it has the options of choosing font, size & position. But the letters are transparent and the result is to be combined with pictures, gradient or color on another layer. So it does a more complex job. If there was a plugin to do a simpler thing... just fill the canvas with a repeated text (also with Font, Size, Color & Position settings in the menu)... I think that could be great and time saving. You know, like Circle Text and Spiral Text - sometimes we need one and sometimes the other. I started this topic just because the technics have already been used in the particular plugin - so it can be done, right? Best wishes Vagabondi
  5. Hello. First, thanks dpy for the great plugins Second, I'm using ColorBalance+ (version 1.1.4330.37850, from here) and I've noticed its menu looking a bit wrong now. See: as if "Magenta" moves "Green" to the edge. It just happened the other day. Never looked like that before. The PDN version was 4.24, and I updated to 4.25 but it still looks funny. I even tried PDNrepair. Not a big deal, of course, but maybe there's a bug to be fixed? PS. If that matters, my display is 1440x900. And I haven't changed the system default font size. The bug just came out of nowhere...