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  1. Cool, a new one - a stylish one... Using concrete to create luxury is your magic. Red Lady must know the answer - but she's doing hush 😉
  2. @Seerose - you're always welcome, my flower
  3. Signora @Pixey PDNarto - grazie! The Chocolate Loving People = My People. 🍫 🥂 Forever.
  4. Thanx Lynx 💜🖤 The winged turtle is a tragic metaphor for procrastination that can be motivated to move by the only engine - creative energy - which is not always here (scary, uh?) 'Soul' was, in fact, made a few weeks ago but I didn't have a set for it then (cheater). Thank you Dryda 🌌 Making the planet was new and super fun. Gotta luv PDN...
  5. 3 new images based on 3 classic tutorials: How To Make A Glass Cube by @HELEN Glass Text With Filling by @Ella 100% Planet Tutorial by @flip Soul Chocolate Planet That's all for today. Thank you @lynxster4 for your shapes (you recognize them in the 'Choco', right?) and @Joshua Lamusga for Brush Factory (Nebulas in the 'Planet'). @Drydareelin - I wouldn't even dream of competition but I do understand why you like the topic 😎
  6. Thanks everyone & congratulations - my place was obviously the 4th (as I'm not in the same league with those who made it realistic) but thank you kind people for your votes @Pixey - this was a challenge - and a really good one. @MJW - where is your gallery, btw? A person who creates things like this is sure to have a lot of cool art to exhibit (I bet I'm not the only one thinking so).
  7. Inbal Perlmuter - as part of The Witches band or solo. She didn't have much time but she was one of a kind. (The original was recorded by Carter USM for '101 Damnations')
  8. @Red ochre - those trees took dozens of layers AND, with your 'Dryad', it was a neverending holiday... @LionsDragon - welcome & thanxxs! (I don't even swim very well - but it is still fun.) @lynxster4 thank you - 'Maybe Next Time' is special to me (for a number of reasons)... @Seerose - you are on Windows 10 now? Be strong. My thoughts are with you. @ReMake, I appreciate @Pixey - we commented simultaneously so I'll just add a thank-you (okay)?
  9. Mona L. is a good mask - and this is my offline face.
  10. let's start this year with Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea (tell me if it's too image heavy and i should replace them with the thumbnails) once upon a time pretty in scarlet children of the night maybe next time winter in town stairway to heaven the bridge a place to go migration new sunrise They are all PDN. Thanks for your attention!
  11. @Pixey, your train is adorable. Such a pity we have to choose between Like and Upvote.
  12. I am so sorry... PS. all PDN
  13. This is awesome. And so simple to follow. Someone here loves horses, doesn't she?