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Found 21 results

  1. I want color picker or good alternative for using Luminosity etc, what to do meanwhile? ctrl+y doesn't work.
  2. TechnoRobbo's Dodge and Burn (Adjustment Brush) DPI at V 1.4.0+ A Photo Retouching Tool This is a Plugin that was requested by Pratyush This simulates the classic photographic printing effect and adds a color aspect. It has plenty of "undo's" but a simple interface. Use Left Click to Apply and Right Click to Move around. Brush Designs , Blur and Sharpen suggestion by Eli. Full Screen and others suggested by Red Ochre Deasuration suggested by racerx Color Blend , Luminosity, Saturation and Contrast suggested by Pratyush Version 1.4.0+ includes changes b
  3. Slight edge boost Last version 1.6.7489.24864 [ 06 July 2020 ] Download link > > > Download Location: Effects -> Photo Corresponding source is available in the last post. Plugin description This plugin enhances image edges using unsharp mask method. It provides the possibility to apply sharpen only to the image luminosity in order to avoid chromatic noise amplification. Illustration on a stenope (blurry) photography
  4. Hello, Here is a simple plugin to correct the barrel or pincushion distortions in digital photos. (More information about these distortions in wikipedia article) You can download the plugin here: kb_lens.zip To use it simply unzip it to c:/Program Files/Paint.NET/Effects/, the plugin is in Filters->Photo->Distortion Here is an example of the plugin usage. On the first photo you can see the effect of the lens distortion (I traced it with dotted red line), which was eliminated in the second image using the plugin: T
  5. This plugin removes animal eyeshine from photos caused by direct flash. Download here Eyeshine.zip Recommended workflow: 1) Use color picker :ColorPicker: to spot the color to be fixed. 2) Make a circle selection around eye pupil (a little larger than pupil size). Work only with one eye at a time, as there is usually color variations between them and it is harder to find proper settings for both eyes together. 3) Start the „Eyeshine Removal“ plugin from Effects > Photo. 4) Drag the color wheel controls until the shiny eye pupil is precisely covered with b
  6. The Laplacian pyramid can be used to improve the overall illumination of photos, typically useful when part of the scene is in shadow. It can also smooth or enhance details in a photo without smoothing edges or introduce halos. Similar filters are used for tonemapping HDR pictures. Unfortunately the processing can take long time on big photos, so have patience... The filter was inspired by the paper "Local Laplacian Filters: Edge-aware Image Processing with a Laplacian Pyramid" by Sylvain Paris, Samuel W. Hasinoff and Jan Kautz. (http://people.csail..../2011/siggraph/) Example on detail
  7. Download: At the bottom of the page. What does this plug-in do? This plug-in does exactly what its name implies, it counts the number of colors (or number of times a color is used) in an image. How does this plug-in work? What probably needs the most explanation is use of the control options for this plug-in, this is best described with screen shots. The following screen shots show an image that is 3 pixels by 3 pixels at maximum zoom. The image below shows the result of selecting to “count only the primary color.” In this case the primary color chos
  8. Level Horizon Plugin v1.3 for paint.net 4.0+ Download here as part of my plugin pack: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/32048-v Outdated link: LevelHorizon.zip Install the .dll file the normal way, then restart paint.net. You can do everything this plugin does with the built-in Layers > Rotate / Zoom effect. However, I think you'll find this MUCH easier for leveling a horizon. That roll control is cool, but not very easy to get just the right angle for adjusting a horizon. UPDATES v1.3 - Added Plumb Bob functionality. Corrections of +/- 45
  9. BoltBait's Meme Maker Plugin v1.3 If you are using Paint.NET v3.5.11, Download here: MemeMaker13.zip (v1.3) Unzip this to your desktop and run the Install_MemeMaker.BAT file to install. If you are using paint.net v4.0.6+, Download here: BoltBait's Plugin Pack for paint.net v4.0.6+ (v1.3 with Shadow option) Once installed, you'll find this under the Effects > Photo > Meme Maker menu. Requirements: - Paint.NET 3.5.11 or higher - The font "IMPACT" must be installed on your system. It probably is a
  10. TechnoRobbo's Bokeh Plugin a simulation of the Classic photographic effect due to complexity - slow renders on larger images higher the threshold the faster it renders. v2.0+ better threshold control Menu: Effect->Photo Video Demo music by TechnoRobbo Video Demo 2 Bokeh Effect Abstract Perth at Night The Code Click to View Hidden Content: // Submenu: Photo // Name: TR's Bokeh // Title: TR's Bokeh - v1.1 // File Version:1.1 // Author: TechnoRobbo // URL: http://ww
  11. This is a relatively simple chroma key plugin for removing the green background from an image. It's based on the algorithm presented in the paper here: http://www.makebelieve.gr/vl/Publications/SAICSIT99.pdf with an addition to reduce the green hue at the edge of objects. It's a terribly simple routine compared to many and certainly could stand improvement, but seems to do the job as well as many of the $100 programs I've tried. -Tim SimpleChromaKey.zip
  12. Tomorrow is my birthday, but today you get the present! Remember when I wrote the Portrait plugin, MadJik wrote: Well, ETA is TODAY! It automates a bunch of steps that I make when fixing landscape pictures. It is obviously not right for everything, but I find it useful. Hopefully you will too. Download the Landscape.dll as part of my plugin pack here: https://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/32048-v If you have trouble installing this plugin, post your troubles here. Enjoy. For those that are interested in such things, here is the CodeLab sou
  13. So, I was scanning a ton of photographs today and kept having to do the same steps to remove dust from the images. I automated it into a plugin. Enjoy. // Name: Remove Dust // Submenu: Photo // Title: BoltBait's Remove Dust v4.0 // Author: BoltBait // URL: http://BoltBait.com/pdn // Desc: Remove dust from scanned photographs // KeyWords: dust|stamp|scan|clone #region UICode byte Amount1 = 0; // [1] Dust Color|White|Black #endregion // Setup for using Lighten blend op private BinaryPixelOp lightenOp = LayerBlendModeUtil.CreateCompositionOp(LayerBlendMode.Lighte
  14. The main purpose of seam carving is to reduce the width (or height) of an image without scaling (squishing) the image. This effect calculates the line through your photograph with the least amount of changes and deletes that line shifting all pixels over to fill the gap. This is often called "content aware resizing". Use This effect is designed to be used with natural photographs. It is not designed to be used with an active selection. So, before running the effect, press Ctrl-D to remove any active selection. Run the effect and click the OK button. One line of your image w
  15. Secure Download If you get a warning, try the unencrypted download. (Photo menu) Before: After:
  16. This plugin extracts a color range from image, by leaving pixels of selected color opaque and making the rest transparent. Only alpha values are altered, color remains intact. It is useful if you need to edit certain colors on your image separately: duplicate the image layer and run the plugin to get color-based "selection" for further editing. It is more flexible than Magic Wand or Curves+ which could provide similar results but not always exactly as needed. Menu location: Effects > Photo. Download as part of my plugin pack. Updated to version 2.
  17. MODERATORS NOTE: This effect is incompatible with Paint.NET 4.0x, and was replaced by Laplacian pyramid filter. https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/24563-laplacian-pyramid-filter-effect-plugin/ Increase local contrast can improve badly lit photos. It can also give a dramatic effect to otherwise dull pictures. Decreasing the filter size will increase the local contrast and color saturation. Note that the filter tend to amplify any noise in the picture (especially with small filter and high contrast settings) so it can be a good idea to apply noise reduction before the ope
  18. Download from my plugin set
  19. I prefer to sharpen my photos with unsharp mask, because of finer results compared to built-in sharpen effect. So far I had to use other programs for that operation. Switching between programs is annoying - so I decided to learn the code and design a plugin with features I need. Hope you find it useful too. Menu location: Effects > Photo. Download as part of my plugin pack. Updated to version 3.1 (2008-12-24)! Changes: few UI and code optimizations. Updated to version 3 (2008-08-31)! Changes: Threshold control is re-designed to
  20. This plugin is designed to fix excessively contrasty photos, by brightening shadows and/or darkening highlights. Menu location: Effects > Photo. Download as part of my plugin pack. Updated to version 2.2 (2008-12-24)! Changes: few UI and code optimizations; moved to Photo submenu. Updated to version 2.1 (2008-08-31)! Changes: - Plugin now starts with default settings loaded (shadows: 100; smoothing 50) - Compatibility fix for paint.net 3.36 Changes in version 2 (2007-09-20): - Improved core algorithm produce
  21. Here is something to play with! Download as part of my plugin pack. Open from Effects>Photo Updated to v1.1 (2009-07-08)! Few usability improvements: * Default color for channel mixer is fixed to a certain green (rgb:76,150,29) in order to produce "standard" gray balance * Removed the "Enable" check box for channel mixer, as now you can return to standard gray by using channel mixer's reset button * Default color for Tint is primary color (was secondary before) The slider controls are same as in my Basic Adjustments pl
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