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The Pictorium! Post your created or edited images here!


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Awwsome Ash and Verndewd. :!:

Thanks a lot Verdewd for information, here´s my new try, i won´t stop trying till i have done something like glassy ball or smth i like as much as glassy ball.


Also i had fun with creating this.


Thanks :)

1 advice: One does NOT always need complex color & background to get glass like textures and/or objects.

I will post a few for you to see later on. :)

Hi I recently got myself a Wacom It really makes life so much easier,



@Ash I think you have that effect 99.99% Nailed great job I love the car :shock:

Thanks Guys hope everyone has a great day :D

Thanks :) Wacom, huh? Lucky you, I was thinking of buying one too :D

Good job on Nemo :) However I believe you can give Nemo a better home :idea:

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Well, i was bored and decided i needed a new background, since i am playing and owning at warcraft i decided ill make a warcraft wallpaper, then since my favorite warcraft is warcraft III i decided to make a Warcraft III wallpaper, then since my favorite warcraft III is warcraft III frozen throne i decided to make a warcraft III frozen throne wallpaper, then i decided since i love the undead race so much, ill make an undead warcraft III Frozen Throne wallpaper, since the death knight is my favorite undead hero, i decided to make an undead deathknight warcraft III frozen throne wallpaper

so here is my undead deathknight warcraft III Frozen Throne Wallpaper (its big so bare with me)


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@Stephan, Nice job on the box construction. Although, the lighting is a little unrealistic in that the assumed light sources for the shadows and the surface gradients seem to contradict each other...

Gradients are actually the colors of the box.

@ Olav: Flowers made in PDN?

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@blooper i love the new one..i think it beats it but i think u need to make the sig and avatar look alike.I love how it looks like a mosaic...how did u make it

@olav this is kinda random but i always forget to say this...i LOVE UR SIG

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