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The Pictorium! Post your created or edited images here!


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@ Aatwo:

Now, I have to tell him that he brought you out of hiding.


Once upon a time there was a great graphics wizard...he disappeared from the face of the earth...until one day when he saw your art work...

Lil' Timmy:



Take responsibility for your own intelligence. ;) -Rick Brewster

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An hour and a half of playing around yesterday evening (compression kills):


Go easy on me guys, I'm new. :roll:

You quit, and then rejoined? Sorry, I'm slow on things.....

No... :lol: I was poking fun at people who post a decent picture on the forums and then immediately cry out "don't hurt me! I need an excuse if you don't like it!" ;)

@Ash: Yeah, realism wasn't the goal...if I had the time I think it could be cooler...

Elvis the dinosaur. Classic! :D

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Just because you've been on these forums longer than most of us, doesn't mean you can go above the limit. Do I see another height petition in order?

Is it? My bad, didn't realize it was too tall. I'll take it off, but I'm not resizing it. No way I can chop off 70 px...

Still up there ^ for display though. :)

Oh, and i assure you I didn't use that sig because I feel superior to anyone in anyway. Especially not for how long I've been a member of this forum. In fact, I couldn't even access this forum for several months because of... something (glitch maybe?). But now I'm back, and woohoo!

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