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  1. I made this clanwebsite i downloaded a free template and i edited it in paintdotnet (ofcourse ) and i made it our clancolours and i like the way it looks now we are stil looking for more dutch members for call of duty 2. http://www.liquidfusion.nl/
  2. And i made a eye of a raptor i tried to make a raptor skin but it looks a bit wierd but still nice i dint used the real colours of a raptor, dunno why Shot
  3. i added some scratches and dammaging to look like itsmore a robot. hope u guys like it i like it Shot at 1969-12-31
  4. ty but i dont know what the shot at bla bla, on imageshack when i copy the link it says shot at (numbers)
  5. this supposed to be a eye from a transformer from the new movie. Shot at 1969-12-31
  6. the same one but then with the shape 3d effect. Shot at 1969-12-31
  7. why the is the shot at bla bla underneath my post wtf man i dint do that
  8. i made one with kinda 3d initials:P Shot at 1969-12-31
  9. i made this one from a vista wallpaper with the shape3d effect.
  10. and i am working on a number 1 teamdeathmatch call of duty 2 wallpaper but i need some mor scores first these are from the past week.
  11. This sig is a bit useless:P its a exit sign JEEEJ ! ! ! ! -.-
  12. i made one with the dutch flag in it i am dutch so.
  13. If u guys want to know where i got the japanese font, just go to http://www.dafont.com
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