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  1. Sozo, I the style of your wallpaper is great. I like how the lighting changes throughout it. I favorited it on DA :].
  2. @LFC. I love the style of those buttons, very shiny and cool.
  3. That looks really awesome! It has very good detail. and the background is neat too.
  4. Haha, has anyone seen the show "entourage"? He sort of has the same expression and look as Johnny Drama. Nice manip btw.
  5. Jake, your logos are always awesome. Fusion, very simple but it's very eye catching.
  6. Nicole, your pencil and stuff needed some Anti Aliasing! Otherwise, it's pretty creative cause those are all images you created right? And los gatos is the cats!!! Ya, I know that one!
  7. @Pluberus, nice halo background! Halo rocks.
  8. What is that supposed to be? Haha. It kinda looks like a MAD magazine drawing.
  9. That is really an unbelievable job. I love it! A tutorial showing how you did that, all the reshaping and stuff would be awesome!
  10. Some wallpapers I recently made. Constructive Criticism please! EDIT: I edited links, click thumbnail for full view.
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