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  1. How can I make an image like this... Into an image like this?
  2. The alias vector rocks. Great colors!
  3. Iron man rocks! Those 2 sigs under "funny sigs" are really neat. I like v2 the best. The little glow in the bottom left corner really makes sig.
  4. I like your sig that says simple, and has a couple of stars . Pretty neat... and simple!
  5. Wait, so like when people go to restaurants you park their cars? Or a different kind of valet?
  6. mman6460


    Did you make that guitar from scratch? Anyways, it's cool and same with the background and border.
  7. Everything is really awesome. I especially like the microphone, the nuclear eye, and your desktop! Keep up the good work.
  8. I like your planets image.
  9. Sozo, I the style of your wallpaper is great. I like how the lighting changes throughout it. I favorited it on DA :].
  10. @LFC. I love the style of those buttons, very shiny and cool.
  11. That looks really awesome! It has very good detail. and the background is neat too.
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