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  1. How can I make an image like this... Into an image like this?
  2. The alias vector rocks. Great colors!
  3. Iron man rocks! Those 2 sigs under "funny sigs" are really neat. I like v2 the best. The little glow in the bottom left corner really makes sig.
  4. I like your sig that says simple, and has a couple of stars . Pretty neat... and simple!
  5. Wait, so like when people go to restaurants you park their cars? Or a different kind of valet?
  6. mman6460


    Did you make that guitar from scratch? Anyways, it's cool and same with the background and border.
  7. Everything is really awesome. I especially like the microphone, the nuclear eye, and your desktop! Keep up the good work.
  8. I like your planets image.
  9. Sozo, I the style of your wallpaper is great. I like how the lighting changes throughout it. I favorited it on DA :].
  10. @LFC. I love the style of those buttons, very shiny and cool.
  11. That looks really awesome! It has very good detail. and the background is neat too.
  12. I totally agree with hitman... That sucks, I wanted to submit mine a while ago but the forum was down. I checked nearly every hour for it to come back up! I'll post mine anyways, hopefully you'll understand it wasn't my fault it wasn't submitted! STOCKS: ... 00x526.jpg ... -155-3.jpg
  13. Haha, has anyone seen the show "entourage"? He sort of has the same expression and look as Johnny Drama. Nice manip btw.
  14. Thanks for your input man! Two new wallpapers I made. Click to see original size.
  15. Jake, your logos are always awesome. Fusion, very simple but it's very eye catching.
  16. mman6460

    By Romos

    I really like the eye. The soundtastic sig is very good too, like the colors and the mechanical looking thing you made.
  17. New version of Master Chief iPod parody! An advertisement for my magazine in Language Arts class.
  18. I love your style for everything, especially the sigs. The knife needed some AA though... The icons are really cool, I just uninstalled object dock, but I would so download them if it were possible to make them .ico files!
  19. Nicole, your pencil and stuff needed some Anti Aliasing! Otherwise, it's pretty creative cause those are all images you created right? And los gatos is the cats!!! Ya, I know that one!
  20. The sig with all the colors and stuff, that is currently your sig... IS AWESOME! I'd like to see how to do something like that.
  21. Looks neat. Here's a tip... When you are making an outline or a glow on text or an image, don't select, or else the glow or outline will just end! Example: Bottom left corner of the word Floridan.