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  1. Thank you very much PeaceHeather Thanks for the advice PDNNOOB, yes I did use Greg Martin's tutorial along with reading many others (which didn't really vary from Greg's) I left the left corner kinda bare because I didn't want the overall spacescape to feel too cluttered, it is just a background after all. I was thinking of a nebula there but haven't found any techniques that I'm happy with...any suggestions? Your right about 3D render but playing with embossing and adding a planetary glow help a lot with that smoothness, but I haven't had a chance yet to mess around with lens....I've
  2. Thanks PDNNOOB for the suggestions. It's kinda cool to be told by an expert on the subject that my first planet is almost flawless. (Yes I did use 3d render...good eye)I will try lens next time. I know the starfeild sucks, it was actually a small part of a bigger starfield I did (my first), but it sucked, the clone tool did some weird lines and it didn't show up until I merged the layers, so I cropped it all out and used it to show off my planet. can be seen here I will try your suggestions on the starfield. What I did was made a black background, started a new layer, made it black, create
  3. PsychoHarmonic:I agree with AmadeusX absolutely stunning. This is my first 100% PDN render. I guess it's not too bad for my first planet. I followed a PS tutorial, man was it a pain trying to come up with the same effects with PDN
  4. Thanks guys, glad you liked it The teeth and stuff are from a stock pic...I didn't make them in PDN, but I did use PDN to blend the images together.
  5. Here's my latest manip, it's my sister, her boyfriend and myself. 100% PDN, had a lot of fun with it Original pic:
  6. Might kind of old now, but, I made these in my spare time. Have fun with 'em. You'll have to color them in yourself, sorry. I did some of them with the "Julia" Fractal renderer. Making these are pretty easy, draw a basic circle, use the pencil tool and make it have "Sharp" sides, don't make it perfectly though, they won't be noticed, then, do Gaussian blur, and you're done. I'm so sorry they look so ugly enlarged Just use them at size 15-10 and it won't be noticed. EG: ooooOOoo, alright, awesome but ummm, where's the attachment? :shock: I guess i can just copy and paste them
  7. I'd like to request a brush if you guys don't mind..... Blood Splatter :twisted:
  8. I saw that, but a step by step would be nice 'cause I still don't know how to use curves.
  9. Yeah please do a tutorial, that's a really cool text.
  10. ------------ I agree that the tutorial should be linked in this post; but, it'd probably be best if a Mod plugged the link into the main post, for all to easily find? Sorry that I was rude, and yes I agree it should be plugged into the main post, along with the other two links people have supplied also showing what this plug-in does.
  11. Well I did a search for alpha masking last month when I was trying to figure out how to use it and nothing useful came up. So I assumed the results would be the same this month, and since the person asking the question didn't edit his post saying that he had found one I again assumed that he had NOT regardless of the date it was posted. And even if he had, I figured a link to that tutorial would be relevant in this topic seeing how it's using this exact plug-in. I thought if someone new (like me) had came across this plug-in and wanted to know how to use it that that link would be useful and c
  12. Here's a really good tutorial on how to use it, it helped me out TONS. http://cmdsketchpad.com/tutorial.php?tutid=3
  13. Could you post an example of what kinds of things you can do with this? I'm kinda new to PDN, and have no clue what curves effect does
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