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  1. Thanks Sarkut! Not near as smooth, but I guess I can make it work
  2. Yeah, since your on the subject, I've used search and the plug-in index, but I can't find what I'm looking for. Maybe I'm using the wrong wording...anywho, I'm looking for a plug-in that mimics the Photoshop 7 "Blend if" feature I've seen in tutorials like this (watch at 51 seconds)Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  3. yeah I believe Madjik has one in his plugin pack, give me a second and I'll find it for you here it is
  4. Thank you very much PeaceHeather Thanks for the advice PDNNOOB, yes I did use Greg Martin's tutorial along with reading many others (which didn't really vary from Greg's) I left the left corner kinda bare because I didn't want the overall spacescape to feel too cluttered, it is just a background after all. I was thinking of a nebula there but haven't found any techniques that I'm happy with...any suggestions? Your right about 3D render but playing with embossing and adding a planetary glow help a lot with that smoothness, but I haven't had a chance yet to mess around with lens....I've been trying for 8 hours straight to make a nebula AA's Assistant looks extremely helpful, DLing now.
  5. I would also like the ability to erase with custom brushes, pretty please
  6. Thanks PDNNOOB for the suggestions. It's kinda cool to be told by an expert on the subject that my first planet is almost flawless. (Yes I did use 3d render...good eye)I will try lens next time. I know the starfeild sucks, it was actually a small part of a bigger starfield I did (my first), but it sucked, the clone tool did some weird lines and it didn't show up until I merged the layers, so I cropped it all out and used it to show off my planet. can be seen here I will try your suggestions on the starfield. What I did was made a black background, started a new layer, made it black, created noise, then adjusted brightness and contrast to thin out the stars, set layer mode to screen. Duplicated the layer,then adjusted brightness and contrast again, and played with levels, then rotated the layer 180, set layer to screen, and then erased here and there on both layers. I then flattened the layers and cloned some areas. I also added another layer and I think I did, render sparkles. Since I posted my planet I have made a new starfield, I'm fairly happy with the results but being new to the whole spacescape thing I would like some expert critique on it.....be brutal.
  7. blah, just found out about this contest an hour ago so I'm not happy with the results.... but here is what I have, I'll edit in my sources in a sec. I wanna get this in before it closes. sources: photo is of me texture is from http://fav.me/d2fvty4
  8. PsychoHarmonic:I agree with AmadeusX absolutely stunning. This is my first 100% PDN render. I guess it's not too bad for my first planet. I followed a PS tutorial, man was it a pain trying to come up with the same effects with PDN
  9. Simon: I noticed you posted a response to a thread about AbrViewer saying you wanted to ask the creator of the program if you could use it for your plug-in. Did you ever do that? Does this plug-in recognize photoshop brushes?
  10. Well, that comp crashed and is unrepairable according to the computer tech I took it to. Damn mini netbooks <.< it's now a $300 paper weight and all my data is unrecoverable. But thanks for all the help you guys provided.
  11. Sorry for triple posting, I've run across a new error EEEP :shock: I tried repairing the .net framework and it said something about dcom service did an illegal shut down and windows will restart in 30 seconds. I didn't get a screen shot I was outta the room but that's what my husband said happened. Do I need to uninstall .net framework and reinstall?
  12. Ran it twice with the /f option with the restart...still PDN won't open and still it says it found errors. I guess I'll just use PDN on my other comp and forget about using it on this one =/
  13. oh..lol now I feel like a dumbass .... how'd I miss that I'll run that later, I'm in the middle of The Blind Side and it took forever to buffer...so after the movie I'll post results of the new scan.
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