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  1. I like the "sign?" but, the words are kinda hard to read, maybe put a larger drop shadow, or even just darken the existing drop shadow
  2. Wow... That looks amazing. just one question, what is a c4d?
  3. this was was inspired by a pic i saw from the Law of Ueki. the picture on the left is before, the one on the right is after
  4. JJgunz: I really like your signatures, especially the second one. I think that for your last signature, the man and the background have a color too similar. Basically, the man needs to stand out more i made a few new avatars so that i didnt need to keep my apple
  5. i started using photobucket, because i couldnt get the images to link to picasa so here are my sigs and my first avatar
  6. I editted my circular sig 2, with input from down: and I made a few new sigs. and my first avatar
  7. Nice job Down, did you use Oil Painting? I like your first sig. I don't get the bear skull though. Here are some I made. Hmm... haven't thought about avatars before, if I make any I'll post them later.
  8. I'm new to the forums, but have been using PDN for a long time. This is my Pleasantville Effect Attempt 1.
  9. I am running WIndows XP SP2, but until reading this post, I did not know that SP3 was out.
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