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  1. Oh so much thanks for this tutorial, i am using it for many pictures, i only will give some of them, but again thanks. :wink: Hidden Content: sorry about that bad word what i putted in one picture, it was just an idea for one retired doctor
  2. hey actualy you are kinda right, it does look like brushed metal. i hope you liked my picture. and thanks again for the tut that you gave. in this way i got many worked out pictures, and this gives me inspiration thanks. 8)
  3. one girl asked me to make it but i coudn't find a good tex method, your where perfect for this
  4. some of mine works this one didnt work out well i made many mistakes, most bigest of them is that text black lagoon is half seeable: one of mine face putting in shape 3D here is another one: and some other shape: here i were trying make- color comes in black and white but then i understand its too booting in that way so i made zoom blur and recolored black and white: this one were taken from one tutorial: hope you liked them.
  5. someone can make plug in for it pleas:)
  6. really great tut, so easy, how i didn't imagine :shock: . anyways here is mine
  7. thank you OMA, yea i like my way of explosion too
  8. mine is simple because it's my first work on PDN. here it is http://i38.tinypic.com/352ivsn.png
  9. it's not bad, it's just those colored clouds?, wich i doesnt like. what i am saying you can doo better. :wink:
  10. here i'm posting my own creations without tutorials... i tryed using fern fractal, but next time, i will try create something like this with weed. its small because, in beginning i waned to create this as part of cube 200x200x200 UPDATE:19.10.2008 i finaly made that thing from weed, it's not perfect but its prety close to ending. I like it my own, without tut's explosion. not updating anymore
  11. this is mine, i used LENS instead of BULGE. Edit: now i am using sea sand wich is in water.
  12. can you make a weed fractal? please... :oops: :shock:
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