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  1. very simple but nice 3d effect. i like how it is basicaly a full rainbow going from cool to warm colors. nice work 9/10
  2. wow nice sig. i really like oh it blends together yellow, red, and orange. nice work. 8/10
  3. wow im so sorry to hear about code embers passing. although i didnt know code in real life they were always very freindly to me. thank you so much for everything you did code and to the family, im so sorry for your loss.
  4. wow. those are amazing. i really like the guitar. i cant reallt crtisize it at all!
  5. smook those are very nice! i like the ones of the planet looking things! i was bored and since i have no friends i just cloned myself a couple times.
  6. i have the link underneath it, but i cannot figure out how to change it to say "My Gallery" i know its possible because ive seen many people with it. anyone care to help me?
  7. thank you guys so much for the comments!!
  8. I decieded to revamp my profile with a new avvy and sig. tell me what u think!
  9. you get the computer, but for some strange reason it doesnt allow you to download pdn!!! i wish for a pet rock
  10. i dont know how i ever got by without this package! i must use at least one of your effets in every picture i make! thanks soo much pyrochild!
  11. im trying to make a chuzzle which looks like this: i already have the eyes made but i cant seem to get the body right. ive tried zoom blur and even drawing all the lines by hand but they never look right or have the depth i want. any suggestions appreciated. oh and i want to make a orange one not red
  12. i collect rubicks cubes have a 3x3,4x4,5x5, boston red sox 3x3, and rubicks revolution.
  13. u get the space station but it becomes infested by aliens and they eat your brains. i wish for a blueberry pie!
  14. ya i understood that but i kept trying to do it on the same layer
  15. thnx LFC4EVER. and ash i already knew how to make the earth i said but i didnt know how to get the moon in too
  16. i know how to make the planet earth but i cant quite figure out how to get the moon in as a 3d shape also. can anyone help??? P.S. srry if there is already a thread like this but i search and found nothing.
  17. it just keeps goin, and goin, an goin..........
  18. i had the same problem. make sure u have the newest version of pdn or it wont work
  19. yes ive been trying to make a picture with a 3d earth and a 3d moon kinda hidden behind it. do you have any suggestions on how to make 2 3d objects in one pic? nvm. i figured it out thnx to LFC4EVER and ASH's help. if u want to know how to do it just ask and ill show u
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