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    well, aint it obvious?

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  1. maily by using the lasso tool to get the new rims, just find some you like that are the right angle, then paste them on, rotating them to fit. to lower the car, i cut around the wheels and the ground, made a new layer underneath, pasted the wheels and ground on this layer, and moved it up, so i did not lower the car, i raised the ground!! here is my latest wip: the rims are not final
  2. WOO!!! 45mins till christmas Eve!! WOO!!! 1 day 45mins till Christmas!! oh yeah, the rant... Argh i hate sprouts!!! theyre so disgusting and taste of poo [/rant]
  3. a smudge tool like a brush instead of a new window would be great! cant wait untill we get it!
  4. i dont really like naruto, but nice pic, it suits the style well
  5. can you tell me how to use anti-aliased brushed in gimp? they just turn up the same as the non aa brushes, nomatter what i do with the softness :O
  6. thanks, i will give the darker colour a try... And, its good to be back
  7. Hi guys, havent been here in absolutley ages, but here is something i have been working on this is my first Digimod have attempted, mainly been doing pixelart recently
  8. i like yours, nice and sunny, i wish i was in a nice sunny place *sigh* 8/10
  9. hi, my first post in ages, wierd. Anyway, here is the before and after pictures of my cat, Bob Before After what do you think! oh, it sais 'do not fill up desktop' because i have cleaned it up, and everyone fills it up with bloody potato, i think i only have 1gig of free space!
  10. hi, here is a pic i just made, let me know what you think of it!
  11. this is the first person i've done, its called "caught red handed"
  12. here is another of my star trek pics, this is the first thing i did in pdn (after learning a few of the basics) i have updated it and feathered around the ships, i have also upgraded the explosions, but i think it maybe too busy, what do you think?
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