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  1. Changed the dropshadow and fixed the bottom left pixels, where the army style ended, hopefully it is better this way Hidden Content:
  2. Ahhh sry just wondered if it was my bad english why i did not understand the first part of your posting fitting to my picture and wondered also already why you had been that fast , but the text tutrioal was sitll interesting and you can sitll comment mine if oyu want
  3. Hey, thanks for the feedback, the text is really hard to read, would be a pleasure if you could message me, when you find the tutorial for better text
  4. I made this for the website of a game a friend and me are working on, I hope you like it Hidden Content: Sorry if it is a bit too large, buit I do not know how to resize it in this forum
  5. Thanks, I jsut forgot how I made those letter effects and I can't figure out how to reproduce it with better quality, so if you know how to do, it would help a lot.
  6. I think mine are a bit to simple, but I will still show them
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