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Image Umbrella: Signatures, Avatars, Logos & Text

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Updated my sig and avvy, added some glowy line things, richer colors, etc ...

:shock: *mutters a few consonants in shock* so....pretty.... it just keeps getting better and better!

WOW! Expiration :shock: , do you like it to make our sigs seem like something out of a cave? :D:lol:

I love your sig and avatar, I like the new glow lines.

How do you like my new sig?

I like it! it looks sort of like stained glass. :D


Click on my signature image for my gallery | hmmmm...

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Does anyone like my current Set?

First of all, don't just slap the render onto the background. You need to blend it -- make parts of it transparent, cover the parts that aren't the focus with some sort of effect or C4D (not recommended, read on to see why). Also, there isn't lots of action going on in the render, while the background is a freakin' explosion. Bad idea! Lastly, I'd say your render's focus is the face, and it's really small and blurry. Take a larger version if you have one, and select either the upper body (no legs), or just the shoulders and the head.

Now, the text. You should make it smaller, and try blend modes. Remember, right now your render is what should be looked at first.

The Julia fractal in the background is a bit... "meh", because it's flat while your background is very three-dimensional.

Now, what I said about the C4D. Is this your work, or mainly someone else's? I don't like the use of C4Ds because I find there's a point where the signature just isn't yours anymore, and you're past that point. I can't seem to stress it enough, make it your own... Renders are OK, because you're showing something or someone particular, I don't know how to express it.

Well, I sound very hypercritical (thanks for the word, Vern :lol:), but don't go all sad about it. Everyone starts like this, and so did I. Keep trying and someday maybe you'll get as good as Champ :)

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@vixie Really good for a first! I really like the way you played with the shape! 8)

@ jake2k :shock: Ack! the shinyness!!!! :lol: I really like the ones that go from red to orange :)


Click on my signature image for my gallery | hmmmm...

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i love the colours in all of your works jake :D and i love the joystick joyride :D amazingly well made :D

and for the avatars....well its hard to decide one has 3d and a reflection but the other one looks more clean and has a really nice glow :D

what do you all think of my new sig and avi :D i just wanted somthing clean without a stock or render (your love is a lie is a name of a song...)


psn id: R3V-fiR3

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My first ever sig using a render: (Then render wasn't saved as a gif :( , BUT only took 15min to cut out :mrgreen: Its WAY too big, and a HORRIBLE color scheme, but you live and you learn :P)


My second attempt with renders: (This one was saved as GIF :mrgreen: which saved me lots of time :D . )


I will post more at my deviant art: pluberus.deviantart.com (I'm on limited time so its hard for me to update both my PDN gallery and my deviantart - so i decided to keep my deviant art more updated :D )

BTW Vixie, AMAZING sig, especially for your first PDN one. Keep it up! You blow me out of the water...

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blooper, i see tons of sigs like that and have no idea how it's done. care to share a bit? :D

Sure. As I said, it's mainly thanks to Ash. How I did it is start with a 1600x1200 canvas, make a black and white gradient top-to-bottom (hold shift for neatly horizontal gradient), then use Shape3D (the plugin is stickied if haven't downloaded it yet) with a cube setting and at an angle, then Shape3D again with a different angle, then press CTRL+F, and again, until you get a nice shape. During this process, you might want to tweak the brightness, because S3D has a tendency to darken things a lot.Then select it with the lasso tool, and paste it on your sig canvas.Use screen/lighten blend mode to get rid of the darker parts, and occasionally, Color Dodge.

But I found a similar technique, starting with a 2000x1500 (gets a bit jaggy sometimes, so you might want to resize after, which is why I chose the big size, and having a big pseudo-C4D helps), then black and white gradient as I said earlier, then S3D with a sphere setting (make sure it doesn't look entirely grey, you might you will need to change the angle), then S3D with a cube setting (again, angle), S3D with a cube setting and a different angle, Brighten, and keep S3Ding until you get a nice shape. Cut it, paste it on a new image, color with whatever tool you want, and you should get something like this:

http://i157.photobucket.com/albums/t45/ ... aisC4D.png

[Posted for help purposes only, mods can remove if they like (as if you guys need my authorization :lol:)]

[Edit] Oh, and by the way, I kept referring to C4Ds. They're abstract 3D renders used in sigs and made with Cinema 4D, hence the name.


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