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  1. You could add a simple border, it would add to the simplicity. You might want to use a black border, since the text is black. I also found a simple, clean font for you . But thats just my ideas, you should try a few things yourself
  2. ^ Is correct < Lives in africa :evil: v Is lucky because he/she does not live in africa.
  3. My favorites are DotA and Quake III, any other DotA fans here?
  4. Cool sig, i'm not very fond of green, but it all fits very well. Good job: 8/10
  5. ^ Doesn't want to give me ice cream < Really wants ice cream v Think we should stop posting about ice cream
  6. ^ Wants Ice cream < Doesn't have ice cream v Will share his/her ice cream with elite override and sfifer
  7. Not quite, but you seem uber desperate. I haven't tried this one, looks new and easy: Click here TPBM is sleepy
  8. ^ Should Check out the forum search for color replace < Is still very much bored. v Is hungry.
  9. False ( I played DotA ) TPBM likes to play DotA too.
  10. ^ should check his keyboard ( v is between c and b ) v Likes rain too
  11. Have you tried this? It allows much more space :wink: .
  12. I love rain, I'd do almost anything to get a whole week of rain. When do you go on vacation? Then you don't have to walk in the rain and just enjoy it .
  13. ^Seems to like the sigggy idea < Likes sigggies too v Thinks the sigggy thing with 3 g's is becoming a strange phenomenon.
  14. Excellent sig, great usage of lines/fill modes. Well Done! 9/10 :wink:
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