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  1. Have you tried this? It allows much more space :wink: .
  2. I love rain, I'd do almost anything to get a whole week of rain. When do you go on vacation? Then you don't have to walk in the rain and just enjoy it .
  3. Seems useful, Thanks! I'll check it out.
  4. I love rain, cant wait till winter is over here... We have rain in the summer. In fact, I'd live in Britain just for the rain and cloudy weather. You should appreciate it more .
  5. I wonder whether Olli is in trouble, sounds dangerous all that lightning?
  6. Universal Studios :shock: ? Cool, I live in the center of SA, there's not much, no studios, no huge malls (we have two but they are small), no nothing.
  7. Do you like the SWC? I love it, our team Bafana Bafana just plays awful. I speak a little Southern Sotho as well. (It's an african language, unlike afrikaans which is derived from Hollands and German and a few other languages.)
  8. I am native to South Africa I live there and I speak English and Afrikaans. Afrikaans is my home language, a very cool language btw. It's where the 2010 Soccer world cup will be held. Gonna be fun if the country completes all the stadiums in time...
  9. I was wondering, is there anyone else here that lives in or comes from South Africa? Or even Africa? I feel alone...
  10. I wish I had money to buy a shirt... Does CafePress use PayPal? Maybe later this year(After my Birthday)
  11. I have a new sig and avatar! (yes, again) I love making sigs, it's small, fun, fast to render effects, etc.
  12. Yata, you really do have problems. Lots of them. Sorry to hear about all that.
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