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  1. My Gallery: My other name I go by is RogueKiller. Feel free to give advice on any of the pictures. A couple of them are from the tutorials. Also I am not very good when it comes to font. And I have been told multiple times of how it ruins it. I'll keep working on it.
  2. Custom made bakground with render. Made them flow etc with the background. Which can be seen in the corners. Photoshop and a stock with my name on it has a big difference btw... Not photoshop'd either.... 8/10 to sig above. Needs color.
  3. Very Nice. However it is a bit empty on the right. My newest sig. Could someone tell me where to put the text? I couldn't find a decent place to put it.
  4. PDN. The right side was a bit of the splatter tool. And the left was just simple rectangles with some stuff done to them (Zoomblue deluxe and some other things). The sparkle came with the render.
  5. Too much of a pop out. Maybe feather in it just a tiny bit. I had to look hard to see the HammerBurg Death League.
  6. 9/10 Love the flow of it. But its a bit hard to find your name. Rate this: Newest one
  7. 8/10 The iKid I think ruins it. The white in the middle of nowhere I think ruins the flow. Rate this:
  8. Nicely made. However I think the background is a bit simple. The render pops out of the background too much. I would recommend using a little of the feather effect. Btw I like the game ^_^
  9. Good, but now the focal point is the middle of the signature instead of the render. Yes I see what you mean. Now the focal is the render. Ones lighter and ones darker.
  10. Wow thank you Blooper I will definitely start using a few of those. Made this with your tip:
  11. 9/10 for 3d Rate this please: Sorry currently having troubles with backgrounds.
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