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Should MKT/Shape3D Stay?


What should shape3d become?  

43 members have voted

  1. 1. What should shape3d become?

    • Please stay MKT, Shape3d would NOT be the same without you.
    • Please release the source code. (MKT leaves)
    • Please release one last update. (MKT leaves)
    • Others (Please state in post)

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MKT PMed me for advice, but I don't believe I should be the only one giving advice, as this will affect all PDN users.

MKT (Maker of the plugin Shape3D)

Trys to make his plugin as best as he can.

But seeing many user have issues and trying to solve all the problems is making him really tried.

I have told him he can not fix everybody's problems. Nobody can.

And to just work on Shape3d at his own time and his own pace.

MKT is Seriously thinking about stoping his work on Shape3d.

And leave the forum.

He is thinking either

Release the source code.

Release one last update.

Please show a little support.


And for the people who ask tech questions.


Please keep all Bugs & Troubleshooting in Bugs & Troubleshooting section.

Before Asking for Technical help, or any Complaints.

1. Make sure your Windows is running smoothly. (No Virus/Spyware and such)

2. Make sure your system is optimize. (Clean out the junk files, too many extra fonts. Use Defrag...and such)

3. Make sure you don't have unnecessary processes or programs running in the background.

4. Make sure all Drivers and any essential files are all up to date.

5. Make sure you read all the HELP/FAQ/Sticky topic. And Use Search. These often will solve the problem.

6. Make sure you are using the latest PDN & the latest plugins.

7. Make sure you meet the System Requirements.

8. Don't try to open or edit too many images and images that are too large for your system to handle.

9. Try the same action on another PC to see if the probelm can be Reproduced. If not, then it must be a problem with your own system.

In this case nobody can help you by yourself. (Check steps 1~9, if all else fails...Reinstall windows)



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It's not MKT's job to troubleshoot all of the people's computers that something doesn't work right on. MKT should stick around, work at his own pace if that's what he desires, or not at all! He is under no obligation to put out anything else related to Shape3D...what he's already contributed is beyond the call of duty anyway!

Thank you MKT...rest on your laurels and take a well-earned vacation! :mtdew::D

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I really think he should stay. He can update whenever he wants, and doesn't need to be in a hurry to do it, but his plug in is incredible and I am very thankful for him making it.


I can't say it better than that ^^^

I'm sure having the source won't help me as the level should be far highier from my possibilities...

Thanks MKT!

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As hypocritical as it is for a mod to make a poll in Q&GD... :P

Shape3D is MKT's baby. He went out on a whim and made quite possibly the most versatile and feature-packed plugins Paint.NET has ever seen. So unexpected was it's coming that it opened doors that weren't even there before.

For MKT:

When it comes to freely released resources, I'm all for the pyrochild approach - update when you're ready. Don't let people pressure you into changes now-now-now. Remember that this is something you do in your spare time out of the goodness of your heart and offer to everyone free of charge. Until they start paying your salary, no one is in any position to tell you when to release your next update and what it should include. If it's taking too much time out of your real life, let the people know that there won't be any updates for a while. Real life is more important than digital image editing.

If you do decide that it is too much and you'd be better off leaving, please know that your vision, hard work, and dedication has been greatly appreciated. I'm certain coming to a board who's native language is not your own isn't easy, and I applaud you for doing so all this time.

Whichever way you choose, friend, best of luck. :)


Edit: Fixed Misspelling

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Would I like to see you, MKT, stay active regarding Shape3D? Sure. It's a great plugin. Now, would I like to see you stay active regarding Shape3D at the cost of you being unhappy? Absolutely not.

I say do what is best for you, MKT. That is all anyone can ask of you.


- DO NOT contact me asking for the .pdn of my avatar or the PDN logo. Thank you. Have a nice day.

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For all you've given us unbidden, you deserve whatever you want to do. But I'd love to see you stay!


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Ash are people asking mkt to change things in the plug in? why? it was his free work to us all and I for one am ever so greatful.

I would liked that he should stick around with us, leave the 3d plug in as it is for now and update whenever he gets a chance.

Maybe he has another idea kicking around in his perfect brain that he wants to work on instead, and we should all just let him do his own thing at his own pace.

I'm no programer but the source code would help those that are to work on some truly amazing items. Perhaps that's the route to go.


MKT thanks for the plug in I use it almost everyday. It is truly awesome.

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I have not seen any problems with his plugin at all. it works 100% to me.

Why leave ? It your plugin, so you can work on it when you want and you don't have to fix people's problems for them.

Look at Rick he looks at the most common problems. Then he thinks of ways to fix them. Then he makes a new update of Paint.NET on his own time.

Only problem I had was the school firewall blocked the download site for the plugin and I had to get it from my home computer.

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Shape3D has revolutionized Paint.NET, a amazing, and wonderful talk indeed. You've defiantly left your mark as far as raising the bar and giving many, many users quality software. Better yet, professional software.

I'm not saying other Plugin Creators don't, I'm just saying you did a fantastic job, and even if you didn't, you retain the right to do as you wish.

In my personal opinion, I say never allow something like this to get in the way of family, education, and life. As BuzzKill, CMD, and everyone else said, I would much rather see you happy than you slaving for a graphic design community.

We all appreciate your work immensely, if you decide to stop work on Shape3D, none of us will have anything against you or the idea of stopping.

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I voted other...

I think he should stay and keep Shape3D as his baby, but open-source the code.

That way (as many other open-source projects do), he is open to the possibility of other programmers offering fixes and updates for specific issues, but gets to choose whether or not to create an updated build with them included.

You could have people contribute language packs, code fixes, additional features, interface refinements, etc, etc

I love shape3D, and I thank MKT from the bottom of my heart for it. Stick around and share the burden...

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I voted other and here is why:

1. Shape 3D is wonderful..... I do sometimes have trouble with it but I realize my troubles have all been my fault, none of them have been the fault of the pluggin! There are many pluggins I have downloaded that have been created and never updated (to my knowlege) so why should we expect updates to Shape 3D? Can't it stay as it is (unless MKT has a need to improve it for his own purpose, or desire, and would be willing to share)?

2. MKT should be greatly thanked for creating Shape 3D! Since I know nothing about coding I look at those that create ANY pluggin I use almost like a God.........They are much greater than I with their tallents and knowlege of C# or C++ or whatever language those pluggins are written in. As far as publishing the source....... it would be up to MKT, he may want to share it with one of the other pluggin developers...... if there is a problem in the code maybe a fresh set of eyes could spot it and take some of the stress off of MKT.

3. I don't see why his choice would be to stop updating and LEAVE the forums. If he decides that Shape 3D is going to be "fully" developed at this time can't he stay around the forums and enjoy the program and seeing the creations made with his great pluggin?

Whatever MKT decides to do .............. I want to thank him for the contributions he has made to PaintDotNet. I wish he would stick around the forums and observe but more importantly I wish him happiness and good health! I assume he may be doing the pluggins as a hobby and on his free time and that should be something he is enjoying not something that will cause stress and unhappiness. Thanks again for a great pluggin and whatever your decision I wish you well.


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Ultimately, it's his choice what he does & what any person on here says shouldn't tell him what to do. I'm not saying that any of you / us will or have I'm just pointing out that it's MKT's life & so he should decide.

There are many plugin makers that don't update very often (Ed Harvey, Pyrochild ect...) & even if the next Shape 3D update were this time next year people would be just as grateful as if it were released next week.

I applaud you for coming onto a forum where people don't speak a language even remotely like yours, not only do you have to learn a new language & alphabet, you also have to learn a new way of talking too (I know this is text but AFAIK it still applies).

For the users of Paint.NET, Shape 3D is a big revolution & I'm sure that if you do leave we'll all miss you even though you never really took part in a lot of the community banter (for understandable & obvious reasons).

Whatever you do, I hope you are happy & wish you the best of luck. :)


Son, someday you will make a girl happy for a short period of time. Then she'll leave you & be with men that are ten times

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What ever MKT decides to do, Paint.Net will never be the same. His is one of the best plug-ins I've seen. I'm a novice user of Paint.Net and had no trouble using his creation. Only hope is that he stays and brings us more of his work.

Thanks for the Shape3D plug-in.

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Shape3D is one of the greatest, most complex plugins ive seen. Because of that, there will most likely be a ton of people who are having problems with it. Without a better description of the problem, it is impossible/really hard to help the people. If you dont want to keep developing the plugin, thats fine, but please release the source. Its a great plugin that adds a ton of new posibilities to paint.NET, and although it is really great as it is now, things can always keep getting more advance. If you want, you can stop developing, and leave is all up to us. You've got a ton of fans of the plugin, and im sure that one, if not several people will keep shape3D running, so long as you release the source.

I'm still alive!

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I voted "Other" as well,

because, I really think that it's your choice.

We love S3D, I don't think that anyone would argue otherwise.

You can hang out on the board and chat as you wish. I think most of us are simpathetic to the fact that English is not your first language.

I enjoy having you here, and using the amazing tool in S3D that you have provided. It is amazing.

Many people will give their opinion of how to "fix it" or "make it better", but, ultimately, you need to go with your own vision of what you want it to be and do.

I have had this problem with my own art. "you should do this, you should do that", and believe me, I view coding as an art form all it's own.

I would say, giving out the source code would be a good idea, but, I fear that we would end up seeing 10 different versions of plugins which use S3D as it's base...

Perhaps, even a better route would be to release it as opensource on something like sourceforge.net so that those who want to work on it, can do so together, and add stuff as a team on the project itself. This way, only one plugin is made, and it encorporates the vision of several people all at once.

Just my thought.

Please know that it is your choice to do what you will as far as updates go and let no one pressure you in your progress.


When in doubt, Try it out.


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