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  1. I started a discussion going about this under almost the exact same title and providing the exact same article. Use search next time, and post there if you have any ideas.
  2. It can't be done with the system in PDN, but just save your file as a png, add it to an open office document, and set the size there. Then print, it works for me.
  3. I voted other. Here's my idea. Rather than releasing the source code and leaving, pass on the code to one of the main plugin writers who is willing to donate their time. That way you can stay and enjoy PDN and the forums, but not have to stress as much.
  4. I already have a discussion going on this. viewtopic.php?f=12&t=6696 At least read the first page of topics next time! Post ^ there if you have any ideas.
  5. That actually works, but only if I close then reset them multiple times.
  6. Even better, click and hold the mouse button, then use the arrow keys to precisely move the mouse. I don't know if this is documented, I found it by accident. You can do this for almost any tool, even if the mouse isn't pressed.
  7. I never thought to try it other places (the statusbar happened by accident), but this happens everywhere on mine also. But minimizing and restoring restores everything except the floating windows, which cannot even be reset by opening and closing them. You have to completely restart PDN to get them back. Its weird how you cannot scroll the statusbar but I can, and that your horizontal scroll works while mine doesn't. But now that we know it affects the entire program, this should definitely be fixed as it could cause some real confusion.
  8. My laptop has a Synaptics Touchpad that allows you to to horizontal scrolling. By accident I did this while the mouse was over the statusbar, and to my suprise, it scrolled off the screen. Moving the mouse back into the editing area restores it. While its not a very big problem, it is weird to see. I'm not sure if this happens with actual mice that have horizontal scroll buttons, so could someone test it? Another scrolling issue that is a little more annoying is that using the touchpad to scroll the editing area vertically works, but horizontally does not. It would be really handy if I could scroll both directions. Again, I'm not sure if this is just a touchpad issue.
  9. If you want to make a custom selection, use the line/curves tool to draw a shape on a new layer, then use the magic wand to select inside it.
  10. Radial blur doesn't work well with the selection. The effect is cropped to only affect the selection, but is not centered in the selection. Try Radial Blur + to do this.
  11. I guess the safe thing to do would be to draw the shadows in, and disable the shadow option in Windows. I never thought of embeding two cursors in one file. The icon part of the plugin does this, I wonder if, if you are right, the plugin can be upgraded to allow this in cursors also.
  12. Did you even try using search, or just looking at the documentation?
  13. Control Panel --> Mouse --> Pointers --> Enable Cursor Shadows. Are you thinking of icons rather than cursors? In that case, yes you do have to draw shadows for icons, but not for cursors. Again, I'm not sure how other operating systems besides Windows handle cursor shadows. AFAIK = As Far As I Know
  14. How can you turn cursor shadows off in Windows? If it was images rather than the operating system providing the shadows, there would be two images of each cursor, one with and one without shadow. However, there is only one image of each, and none have shadows in them. So this would imply that shadows are done by the operating system (at least in Windows).
  15. I think shadow is done through the operating system, not the cursor image. Just draw the image however you want, transparency and all, and save it as a cursor.
  16. Here is the icon, cursor, and animated cursor filetype plugin. viewtopic.php?f=16&t=1152 Draw your picture, and then save it in the cursor format. Use search next time, please.
  17. I took a shot at the arrow around 30 seconds. Black background, new layer, paintbrush a red arrow, glow at defaults twice, rotate to make it "parallel" to the floor, wet floor reflection with distance 10, flatten, finished!
  18. Yay, you get the 2GB memory stick. However, and this has actually happened to me before, your computer starts thinking that every USB port it's plugged into is USB 1.1, not 2.0, so you get really slow transfer speeds. OK, bad idea wishing for a jet pack ... so let's make it instantaneous: I wish I could teleport.
  19. Not only do they disappear, we get a forum upgrade. But now no one with a Yahoo! account can register. I wish I had a jet pack.
  20. Thanks for the link! If we can't get it in PDN, this is the next best thing. Two semi-problems though: as BoltBait already mentioned it only scales down, second, it only accepts .tga files. Now, I haven't programed for Paint.NET, but why would this need to be a tool instead of a plug-in? Using the program as an example, the plug-in would ask for the width and height, and then do the work.
  21. You must have jinxed it, because Adobe just hired one of the guys. http://www.downloadsquad.com/2007/08/29 ... g-pioneer/ Now we really need it.
  22. And so it has been done. I created the Anti-Corrupt-a-Wish thread. However, I've instructed no one to post there. (We'll see what happens.) http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=6708 I wish I didn't have to use an alarm to wake up when I wanted to.
  23. This thread was granted in response to Ben_R_R's wish in the Corrupt-a-Wish thread. However, due to the rules of Corrupt-a-Wish, no one should follow the following instructions. Post a wish and the next poster will grant it, along with posting their own wish. I wish no one would post here.
  24. Lucky, you get the last copy from the store. However, you use up your two activations after your computer crashes twice. Now you'll have to go through all that technical support . I wish I could breath under water.