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  1. The links in this thread are all dead, other than the one for EdHarvey Effects 3.5 with the 30+ effects. I don't think the others mentioned separately are in the full pack. Any chance at getting the other plug-ins to work again? By the way the error I get when I click on them is basically a 404 Error. When I click on the links I get taken to my search engine with a list of sites that mention EdHarvey or Effects or Paint.Net ~~ with a notice at the top that says the requested site cannot be found. Appreciate any help finding these effects.
  2. Helen..... your work still amazes me. Took a short journey through your gallery of older work..... and all I can say is WOW, you still amaze me with your talent. Amazing the stuff you have created!
  3. WOW Just took a peak at your gallery.... and all I can say is Oh My Goodness!!!! your works are spectacular! I was going to say "I really like your:" (fill in name of piece here) But as I scrolled through your listing the list got much to long to name them individually, I'd be here all night. They are all GORGEOUS!! Some day I hope to have the knowledge of Paint.Net and the artistic ability to come somewhat close to what you have been creating..... I will now be going to check out your DA page.... and will be adding you to my "Watch list" I am sure!
  4. Hello, I am in the process of completely reinstalling all of Paint.Net and all of the pluggins I used to have (Before a Hard Drive Reformat). I know I had these pluggins at one time along with Madjicks -- As I try to download these again I keep getting the "error 401" cant find the page or whatever. Do these still exist somewhere or not? Thanks
  5. Those were done with PolarInversion?? I thought they were done with twist or something. I would have never known they were Polars if you wouldn't have said so. I really like what you do!
  6. Looks like silver venetian blinds to me........ I like! It isn't like Janetsue's but it is really cool too.
  7. Janettsue: I just love your work..... I wish I could figure out how you do all of it!!
  8. Good luck Noodles! I like your entry for the contest. I was wondering where everyone has been at lately too. Maybe they are all busy with Pre-Holiday shopping and homework......... Some are students (high school and college) and this coming week is finals week at the college at which I work. Hope they come back ........
  9. I lost my stick with Paint.Net on it for a while........ so I picked up a pencil and did some doodleing. Found Paint.Net stick back and colored up one of the doodles:
  10. Your works are amazing! I love the trees and deer! Looks a lot like what I see when I drive home at night! Is the deer head kind of darkened out or is it just my computer (resolution/size/something)? Maybe a moon beam coming down from the corner and lighting up your deer? Maybe not.......... just a thought. I just noticed the hoof prints in the snow!! I am always amazed at the details!
  11. So here is some more chains. This started out being black and white. Tonight I guess it wasn't intended for me to not do color.
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