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    My Attempt. First Paint.Net Drawing in Months
  2. Pepperooni Im afraid I don't understand the question. Which step are you stuck on? I put screen shots up for every step.
  3. Ash I tried your method. It does work well but I find that the stripes don't look as good and it's way harder to get the colors right. Yours is definitely faster and easier on the computer but I like my method better.
  4. For those of you having trouble getting rid of the exess black and covering it with transparent, all you have to do is delete the section of the layer that you were going to make transparent, it does the same thing.
  5. This is a step by step tutorial about how to make some fur. This is my first tutorial. Its kind of a weird method and there is probably an eisier way but tyhis is my way. First you start with a dark brownish oringish picture. I chose this one. Then you mess around with it in curves. Put the lumanosity so it curves to the top and then the bottom and the top and bottom. It should eventually look something like this. After that radial blur it.Then use curves again to get the color more orangish. Once you have the color how you want it use shape 3D to turn it into a sphere. Then shrink the sphere to a small size. Then copie it multiple times. Keep doing this until it covers the screen with small balls. Then fosted glass them at ten. Then motion blur them a little. Finnaly zoom in and ta-da! Anways post pictures, critisize, improve on or praise.
  6. I really think he should stay. He can update whenever he wants, and doesn't need to be in a hurry to do it, but his plug in is incredible and I am very thankful for him making it.
  7. My first attempt at making an eye or anything off shape 3D http://masterofthemasamune.deviantart.com/art/The-eye-in-the-sky-64020016 Really very basic.
  8. Thank you very much Ash the link that you provided worked. Its a really cool plug in. I dont know why it didnt work with that zip file. Now that I have this I think I'm gonna try your eye tut. Thanks again.
  9. I just tried again. I clicked on the link that said Shape3D_1_2_6_0.zip This was under a section called download and it said the language of this plugin is in japanese and english. When i clicked on it it asked me to save or open. I hit open. It loads for a while and then nothing happens its done. It doesnt open the zip folder. Ive tried saving it but its just this really weird file type and still doesnt do anything when opened.
  10. I did open the zip file. In the Zip file was a EFW file which i cant open.
  11. I can not find any direct links. I have tried downloading the file MKT's website 3 or 4 times and it is never a .DLL file. Im sorry if I'm just missing something but Its not working for me.
  12. I am finding it difficult to use this plug in. I download the file and put it in the effects folder. The file is not an application extention and instead it is a EFW file. There is no way to access the 3d effects in Paint.net. Could someone assist me? Most of the other plug ins ive downloaded have worked.
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