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  1. Could MKT, or Rick, or someone, change the links from the origional post to use http://mkt.t-cat.biz/pdn/dl.cgi?mode=dl ... hape3D.dll for the dll link and http://mkt.t-cat.biz/pdn/dl.cgi?mode=dl ... _2_6_0.zip for the zip link. The ones that are here are broken links. BTW. Fantastic plugin
  2. Mad World is much easier to play Em G D A during the verse then, Em A Em A Chorus. Not exactly accurate to the origional, but, it does the trick for those of us who lack the coordination to pick and sing at the same time, well, guitarists anyway. Just starting to get the hang of arpegiations in my playing, makes my Dan Fogelberg songs actually sound better...LOL The leader of the band is tired and his eyes are growing old... :-)
  3. Like I said, I am way newbie, so it might be difficult for me to understand it, but let's see if I have it right. What you are saying is that Codelab is technically a "Hack", in that, there is already a set amount of code (before, and or after whatever I type in), that will Always be compiled to the finished DLL. And that the debug actually takes these into account. I have a very basic knowledge of C and C++, and a very little bit of Assembly (don't ask why, it was just a natural progression with my 3d stuff). Are there header files that already exist within codelab for dll compiling usage
  4. dude, you're quick, I was just editing my post as I figured that out. LOL. still weird with the numbering. Sage
  5. I am starting to try to learn how to use codelab at the moment, and find one thing fairly annoying. I get error on line 13. I click the error message and somehow it takes me to line 2 or whatever. I assume that this is just a numerical glitch of some sort. But I also have an error on line 133 and I don't have that many lines, and when I click it doesn't take me anywhere. I am really just starting so, can't comment on the wonderfulness of codelab. Sage
  6. Boo, Morphing is one way. using a slight blur (possibly motion blur) on your moving item could add a bit to the realism. Here's what you need to know. Movies (avi) are usually formatted to 24 (really 23.9) or 30 frames per second (FPS), for normal scenes, depending on the amount of detail that is needed, also depending on the target dvd player (PAL or NTSC). For realistic motion in a gif, you would need about the same. You could probably get away with 20 FPS though, and possibly even 15 (depending on the amount of detail you require). which means, at a minimum, you are going to need 15
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