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  1. Personally, I like the new forum look. It is fresh and bright and is easy to read with the contrast of type to white. Glad to have the update in server to handle the traffic.
  2. I am no expert (by no means) but what I have done when adding people or objects from one picture into another.... Put Dennis on a separate layer and erase the parts of him that would be hidden behind the daughter-in-laws dress ect. Then I can play with the adjustments on the "Dennis Layer" so he matches the people in the "Son's Wedding" layer. Then I either Feather or Gaussian blur the "Dennis Layer" so he doesn't look so Square or Imported. I am sure the other people here may have other (Better) ways of doing this... but I am pretty sure they will all include adding Dennis on a separate layer. Hope this helps a bit....Good luck! By the way the son doesn't appear to have gotten married in MN.... no SNOW! Sorry just a bit on Minnesota humor from one Minnesotan to another..... EDIT.... Not Gaussian blur, but Feather Selection might be it.
  3. The links in the original topic that Ego Eram Reputo mentions here are dead, but if you go down to post #11 he has a direct link to his site. That link still works, lost this plug in long ago and was wanting it back! Thanks Ego for the link over, and good luck MsCarlaK with using PDN! Welcome!!
  4. pdnnoob.... I don't know that it was ever "intended" to be portable, but PDN was a small enough program that it used to be easily installed on a jump drive, and many of the users did. It is still small enough that it is easily installed on a jump drive, but apparently it needs to access a C++ file of some sort on the machines hard drive (and that is something that is apparently not installed on the machines at work) I have now found other threads that address this issue..... It was late last night when I was searching, and I think I may have spelled "Portable" wrong. I will take a look at Liberkey. Sorry for asking a repeated question, I need to brush up on my search skills (or my spelling). Thanks for your answer!
  5. I used to be able to carry PDN on a Jump drive (flash drive/thumb drive) but once it updated to 3.5.10 when I try to use it away from my own machines, I get an error about C++ not being found. I then get a "Repair" window that comes up but it cannot repair itself. Is the program no longer able to be portable like it used to be? Or is there something just missing from the machines I have tried to use the portable file on? I hope this made sense, and I thank you for your time!
  6. Maybe try using Photobucket as your photo host site? They allow you to upload PNG file types. www.photobucket.com It is a free image hosting site.
  7. I started with one tutorial, mixed it up with yours, but still kind of like the outcome. I can see where this could be used and pretty cool! Thanks for the write up!! Click to enlarge... looks better bigger.
  8. I would suggest saving and uploading as a PNG file instead of JPEG. I like the way it looks, the way you talk it is very dark but it is not on my screen. Possibly the resolution setting on my monitor?? I can only imagine what a fantastic artist you will be when you learn all the tricks to using PDN! Thanks for sharing!
  9. I just found your gallery and have to say "Your entire gallary is nothing but amazing!" I love the butterfly, and the spacescapes look so realistic.... Hopefully one day I can be as good as the rest of the users here.
  10. You have some of the coolest looking abstracts I have seen on here. I started looking at your gallery yesterday (while at work, shhhh) and was jotting down which ones I liked the most..... well lets say the list got much to long to mention them all in one reply! But I have to say, this last one you posted is just amazing! Keep up the good work and keep sharing!
  11. zookey

    Wren's pdn's

    Your works are really good.... I really like the self portraits. The Abstract Ornament I find very interesting with the over/under pattern and the shading.
  12. Very nice!! Amazed at how realistic your fruit looks! Well, if you would like you can send me your tutorial.... that way it won't go to waist....(seriously, I would appreciate it) Maybe check with one of the Mods/Admin if you are not sure about the rules, maybe submit it to them and see if they think you should post it. Personally I think you have a real talent for using Paint.Net and your tutorials would be a benefit to the site.... EDIT: I just looked at BrainStorm.... I really like it too. I like all your art! The rose and fruit just blows me away with their realistic look!
  13. Thank you all for the compliments! I don't know how much time I spent working on that wood texture the other day before I "remembered" the tutorial section!! Guess I am getting old and having some Homer (Simpson) moments.... DOH! Thanks again all of you!
  14. Yellowman... even though I am not a huge fan of spacescapes, I have to say that this is really cool! I love the way the sun looks and the streak of light (milkyway swoosh?) looks with the planets aligned infront of it. I have found myself just staring at it and seeing more and more detail and "things" as I stare! Very NICE!!
  15. The links in this thread are all dead, other than the one for EdHarvey Effects 3.5 with the 30+ effects. I don't think the others mentioned separately are in the full pack. Any chance at getting the other plug-ins to work again? By the way the error I get when I click on them is basically a 404 Error. When I click on the links I get taken to my search engine with a list of sites that mention EdHarvey or Effects or Paint.Net ~~ with a notice at the top that says the requested site cannot be found. Appreciate any help finding these effects.
  16. That is really eye catching... simple looking but very neat! Looks like many many layers.
  17. Wow.... I think all your work is cool, especially like the Panda!! The one that keeps drawing my eye is the earth-like planet. It reminds me of a jaw breaker candy that started out blue and has desolved down to the green layer... but that background just is to cool. I don't know what it is exactly, or how to explain it, but something about it just draws me in...... Really cool stuff... thanks for sharing.
  18. Thank you BarbieQ..... Beginning to think my "art" should be classified as ACCIDENTAL ART.
  19. Thank you Welshblue. I appreciate the compliments!
  20. Helen..... your work still amazes me. Took a short journey through your gallery of older work..... and all I can say is WOW, you still amaze me with your talent. Amazing the stuff you have created!
  21. Very nice work! Love the wrenches.... very realistic. Actually I like everything I see, but really envy the chrome on the wrenches.
  22. WOW Just took a peak at your gallery.... and all I can say is Oh My Goodness!!!! your works are spectacular! I was going to say "I really like your:" (fill in name of piece here) But as I scrolled through your listing the list got much to long to name them individually, I'd be here all night. They are all GORGEOUS!! Some day I hope to have the knowledge of Paint.Net and the artistic ability to come somewhat close to what you have been creating..... I will now be going to check out your DA page.... and will be adding you to my "Watch list" I am sure!
  23. Thank you all for your replies and comments/compliments. Yes it was quite a while ago when I first found this software and joined this forum, and stayed active with the software for quite a while. Seems as though every time I put it down for long and come back here -- there have been so many changes that it is always like starting all over again. I am thankful for all the tutorials that users create and kindly post up. The ribbon art was done from one such tutorial way back from probably 2007.... and there are so many more now to go through and learn new and interesting stuff from. Along with learning the updates to the software, and I am sure there are a bunch of new plug-ins that uses have created. Seems so overwhelming at times... But I do so enjoy trying my hand at this type of thing, and am grateful to the developers here for the chance to use their program!
  24. ^ ^ Clickable ^ ^ ^ ^ Clickable ^ ^ Some other versions of the three used in the first post.
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