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Sasha - The Gallery - *NEW 08 / 10 / 2015*


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I see you putting some of the plug-ins to good use - something I too need to do more of.  I love the colorful rainbow swirl very much :smile:

I empathize with you about not knowing what to do for a background.  That has always been a major pain for me as well.  Keep up the great experimenting :PaintBrushTool: .


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I hope you don't mind Sasha but you were wondering what it was missing and having problems with backgrounds. This is a very easy technique I use quite often. I took your picture in pdn and deleted the black background with the sensitivity at 40% . Then added another layer,placed it under the other layer and bucket filled it with black. Then I duplicated the layer with the bowl and background from your picture. On the back one,or lower one,I used radial blur deluxe until I got a design that looked good. Then use the water reflection on that layer and adjust the center until it lines up,you will have to kick down the wave period and wind 2-4 notches to see it.  Then gaussian blur default setting on the top layer,merge all layers. I really hope I didn't offend you with this,just trying to help a fellow noob and give you some more ideas to use.     ;)




  When using a layer to make a background try other blur and distort plugins to see what you get.

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Nice Shape-3D/Rotate/Zoom result, and the texture is very nice, too, I really like it.


In addition to what have been mentioned, I think the shadow of the bowl on the ground is not matching the direction of light,


according to the inside of the bowl, the light is coming from the top/left, so the shadow on the ground should be shifted to the right.


Oh, in my experience with Shape-3D, if you use a square canvas, and fill it with the texture, then cut and delete the top half, then apply the Shape-3D,

this will generate a half sphere without altering the texture too much, but try to use the last 3 Texture Maps options of the plugins (Half Sphere(repeated), Plane Map or Plane Map (Scalable))



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Thank you Pixey. It is certainly one area I struggle with, backgrounds make or break an image and a lot of times I overlook it. 


Skullbonz - Thank you, that is a MAJOR improvement, I love how you have given some life to the image, the background is far better. Thank you for taking the time to do this for me and the details in how you did it will benefit me a lot too. A worthwhile rep point for you :)


yellowman - Thank you for the pointers, I do have difficulty with light and shadow and was not sure where to place the reflection off the bowl, I will take your advice when it comes to using S3D and will cut the canvas before hand. Thank you for the valued tips. )





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Cool pointers from SB.and YM. Nice imaginative piece,well done. You got my vote in SotW. I liked the symbolic,minimalistic, clip art feel to it. If you wanted more perspective and depth (rule of thirds) you could move your bottom half down to a third giving you a completely different style. Two pieces for the price of one.Nice job. :smile:

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